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Panel sponsors the #TarugoConf 17.

1 single day, 1 single track and only 100 tickets for sale, which are only available by invitation, but the Tarugoconf – like the Bonilista, the newsletter that originated it – is, above all, a meeting point for people who «Do things» around software development: designers, investors, developers, salespeople, marketing people or support … metal buddies, blockheads all :-).

In 2011, David Bonilla begins to write a mailing list where he shares his professional experience, his interests and opinions within the technology sector and the Internet. Since then, he has not missed a single Sunday to date with his readers. More than 7,000 «blockheads» that, throughout these years, have created a strong community that encouraged him in 2016 to organize the first edition of the event «which would have always liked to go»: the Tarugoconf. An event about technology and business … octopus, friends and much more !.

Given the success of the first edition, on September 22 will be held the Tarugoconf 2017 repeating format, and in which Panel Sistemas participates as sponsor of the event and the already famous «pulpeirada» that is served to all attendees at noon.

1 single track for 160 very specific profile assistants, digital professionals, and selected by previous invitation. Speakers of recognized career, who will talk about the creation and marketing of digital products. And an ideal scenario facilitated by Campus Madrid. La Tarugoconf offers the possibility of reaching influencers, decission makers and senior professionals of the technological sector in a relaxed and close environment, with an agenda that encourage NETWORKING with capital letters.




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Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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