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We sponsored the IV National Congress Lean IT 2018

On April 12, at the Toyota Auditorium in Madrid, Panel will be one of the reference partners of the fourth edition of the National Lean IT Congress

As in previous editions, this Congress will talk about efficiency, quality, innovation and continuous improvement, always taking people as a key pillar of the transformation. There will be presentations on best practices and trends, workshops on hands, Lean simulation and serious games, training and experiences of clients told in the first person.

In particular, our presentation will be in charge of Javier López-Camacho, Business Director and Co-Founder of Panel Systems, with the title «Take care of your client, but do it well«: 

From the epicenter of the Customer Centric earthquake, in the midst of deep corporate transformations towards full adaptation to the wishes of our customers, we must face the reality of our systems and applications, and demand that they follow us. No failures, no misunderstandings, no costly backward movements. The era of Automatic Quality has arrived. We will analyze different ways to develop software and ensure that it works, assuming that frequent functional changes are here to stay.

Would you like to attend it? Join us on the journey to the territory of Lean IT, the basis for transformation and continuous improvement! Turn your organization into an agile entity. Eliminate waste and empower your team to be more Lean. Discover the tools, explore the path and learn from those who have already started … Find inspiration!

Invitación Panel Congreso LeanIT 2018

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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