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The training and specialization project PanelFuturo begins.

19 diciembre 2019

The candidates’ reception and recruitment deadline has just started for the 2020 Professional Development PanelFuturo Program, a complete Professional Development program based on innovation, collaboration and intra-entrepreneurship

The dates for the PanelFuturo program next call are already defined: Candidates reception and selection phase will be until February 07, 2020, and the date set for the program start will be February 17, 2020.

PanelFuturo is aimed at computer professionals with talent and concerns, who seek a professional specialization beyond knowing how to program. An experience and knowledge that allows them to actively participate in the digital transformation and technological innovation processes that we are assisting in companies. Our goal is to teach you to use all the creative power of engineering to work in an industry in full transformation, which needs not only good technicians, but multidisciplinary, enterprising and disruptive professionals, with a great capacity for adaptation to find solutions to new problems that arise.

Therefore, PanelFuturo includes not only the specialization in advanced development technologies, but also in agile working methodologies, powerful tool ecosystems and platforms, new software architectures, good practices in development … and a business culture based on collaboration and innovation. All this complemented with the participation in real and innovative technological projects in our company.

During the year 2019, two calls for the Panel Futuro program were held, which have been a successful participation and with a 100% recruitment of the students. Places are limited, so the candidates to participate in the program will be pre-selected through a personal interview.

Maybe you can be the following, don’t hesitate and sign up!

If you want to know all the details of the Program, visit the page

Grupo PanelFuturo

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Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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