We create software, systems and services using sustainable, profitable and people-oriented processes.

It's an intelligent way of doing IT engineering.

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Creativity applied to the RPA world.

We transfer all our experience in robotization of Software Testing to Backoffice processes.
We automate repetitive tasks, data entry, mass mail processing, conversion of formats, native
transactions in ERP's and CRMS, generation of reports, etc.

We integrate chatbots with the possibility of LNP interaction, to deploy them in the main
market channels and invoke traditional backoffice processes, already robotic.


The new paradigm is to convert the citizens digital participation
in value services for them.

We are leaders in integrating the main protocols of sensors, actuators, controllers, and
communication systems.

We incorporate the most common Big Data technologies on the market in all our solutions,
to offer a true center of digital government for the city which allows to apply predictive models,
and transform them into relevant value actions for the citizen.

Real Intelligence in Smart Cities

Through Big Data architectures, we develop monitoring applications for
Control Systems in the field of IOT and Inmotics, capable of collecting and processing
in real time millions of records of heterogeneous control systems, and making
them coexist under a centralized user interface.

Since 2017, Panel has been the main integrator of IOT solutions for the leading
manufacturer in the market, CRESTRON, in complex environments of Big Data
technologies, and web communication and publication protocols in multi-device contexts.

Inmotic and IOT

We develop centralized control systems, capable of collecting
and analyze millions of "beats" of all IOT devices.

Sucess story


Our ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing is a new software creation model that provides maximal value in large projects and is based in four key pillars:
integration, sustainability, compliance and people.

Through a comprehensive vision of the software creation process, close to the business and involving everyone in the Organisation.
Through profitable, low-consumption processes that control technical debt and ensure the future use of the software.
Through predictable and reliable teams, controlling risks and project uncertainty, and building trust.
Caring for people, automating repetitive tasks and applying what we learn for the benefit of the team and the user.

Thanks to our ecoLOGICAL manufacturing, we work in all stages of the software Life Cycle in a integrated and automated way,
applying the same Culture, Processes and Tools in all our services.


We form part of the value chain of large companies and institutions.
Our clients consider us an ally to drive their business.