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We collaborate and accompany our clients in the integration and adaptation of Digital transformation of teams and organizations, facilitating Cultural change.


Why Panel?

Panel is recognized in the market for its experience
improving the Management and Organization models of teams and processes.

We help our clients to achieve improvements both in the way of collaborating between teams and in productivity, and we are a benchmark in the definition and implementation of Digital Transformation Processes based on Lean Management.




The need to implement a new relationship and collaboration model in organizations implies an important cultural change.

In this new scenario, people must embrace the changes, assume the objectives and understand their new role.


At Panel we know that changes in Culture produce faster progress in the Organization, than only changes in processes or tools.

For this reason, we help to promote this cultural change in companies through a good Communication and Training strategy, knowledge spreading, and measurement of progress and continuous improvement.

In addition, we facilitate the deployment to other areas of the organization, turning these changes into an innovative and transformative icon within the company's Corporate Transformation Plan.

We are specialists in incorporating agile culture in development and IT teams.


We are experts in integrating management and organization models aimed at making visible and managing the workflow between collaborative teams, based on the Lean Management philosophy.

For this, we use different methodological particularizations such as Agile for Software Engineering and Management projects, and Kanban and Scrum for the improvement of management processes.

Furthermore, our model allows us to put into practice the motto"Status & Visibility", two key factors in improving productivity in organizations because they give priority to transparency, the visibility of information to the entire team, and the elimination of waste.


The Tools support the Digital Transformation throughout all its stages. Changing our Culture and our Processes forces us to change the team management tools, and for this it is advisable to make a strategic selection of them, balancing between Open Suites and Commercial.

We deploy tool ecosystems that meet all the standards related to good practices of collaborative work, essential in any digital transformation process, and that allow maximizing the performance of the Organization's processes and teams:

  • Communication and instant messaging tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or Slack.
  • Document Management Tools such as SharePoint.
  • Tools for Service Governance, Orchestration and Workflows, such as Trello, Leankit or Microsoft Planner.

In addition, we promote alignment with the tools that the Organization already has on a corporate basis.


Process robotization is the most powerful catalyst in any transformation process in a company.

At Panel we are market leaders in RPA. We develop software robots that allow automate repetitive tasksthat occur in daily management, helping teams to focus on value activities.

To do this, we use and customize market tools for basic automation, or we use our open automation platform Zahorí, a more complete software solution that allows you to easily choose which processes to automate, provide security and speed to the processes, and avoid errors, cost overruns and delays.


Data analysis is essential for improving the management of teams and projects, and for measuring productivity indicators.

The key is to implement this level in an interconnected way with the rest of the levels, capturing the beats of activity so that they can then be exploited through the automatic or semi-automatic generation of reports.

Our proposal provides a disruptive vision, in accordance with the Digital Transformation tools, presenting management reports as a Dynamic and multichannel behavior dashboard, because it allows to have in real time the defined management reports, and is accessible from any device, be it desktop or mobile, also allowing advanced analytical interaction of the user with the tool.

We use tools like Microstrategy, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik.





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