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Build your future with us.
It will be your best choice.

Why join us?

At Panel we have many opportunities for you. We are looking for professionals like you: smart, hard-working, capable and creative. And above all, excited.

In return, we offer you to be part of our #tribepanel. We will design your professional career with you, defining your Panel development itinerary from the beginning, and offering you the best conditions and opportunities:

Social benefits, Individual Professional Development Plan, Mentoring programs, conciliatory policies, flexible schedule and teleworking, as well as complete training plans.


we offer you... 

    A professional career with a future.

    With a Professional Development Plan customized to your needs and growth expectations, and individualized Mentoring Programs that will help you meet your goals.

    Complete training program.

    That includes from technical specialization programs to languages, project management skills, agile methodologies and certifications. Both online and in person.

    Conciliatory policies.

    Which mainly include the Telecommuting, either in hybrid or full-remote mode. In addition, you will have a continuous working day on Fridays and in the summer, flexible hours, days off at Christmas, facilities for the geographical mobility of employees, and a 100% medical leave supplement.

    Social benefits.

    As special conditions in private Medical Insurance and other products and services, Employees Visa Card or Flexible Remuneration System.

    Continuous learning.

    Through our monthly 101PanelTechDays workshops, Entrepreneurship workshops, our BIOS Openspace and expert talks.

    Intra - entrepreneurship program.

    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have an innovative initiative, our «Entrepreneurs Panel» program will be the ideal vehicle to materialize your ideas, making you participate in the successes.


    Continuous measurement of your happiness through mechanisms of engagement, motivation and team recognition.

    we are looking for people like you.



    We are good at what we do.
    We carry innovation and excellence
    technological in our DNA.
    It is an essential activity
    in our business strategy.


    We always think of the Client.
    We want him to think of us in the future.
    We assume responsibilities, share risks and fulfill commitments.
    We work with a positive attitude and with passion.


    We provide the expected Value
    where it is needed.
    We don't improvise ... systematically.
    We apply methods and good practices, and we institutionalize them.


    We apply the teaching “start where you are”.
    We learn and share what we know.
    We believe in people and in the strength of the team, as the best lever
    to achieve our goals.



    A new concept in Digital Workspaces and Smart working.

    The new Panel offices are configured as a space in which to share, talk, collaborate and learn together.

    The building has aA distribution of workstations in an “open area”, making the most of natural light and with many collaborative, informal open areas and rest points, to promote collaboration, creativity, well-being and teamwork.

    Plus, our innovative app KALENA, allows us to have a fully automated reception, and manage the reservation and use of all office spaces: workstations, parking, meeting rooms, lockers, etc. at any time and from any place, and in an integrated way with the access systems to the offices.

    This space, whether we work full-remote or not, has become a new meeting point for those of us who make up the #TribuPanel.

    To see each other from time to time, have a coffee, and make pineapple.




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      Panel Futuro Bootcamp it is not just any training project. It is a complete program of Professional development, based on the Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, and the Innovation.


      It is targeted at IT professionals like you, with talent and concerns, who look for a professional specialization beyond knowing how to programming: a experience and knowledge that allow them to actively participate in the processes of digital transformation and technological innovationto which we are assisting in the companies.