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A sustainable development model that maximizes benefits for all.

Panel Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our business strategy and our culture.

integrity and transparency

Each and every one of the activities we develop is carried out bearing in mind our sustainable development model, a model that tries to find a balance that maximizes the benefits for all, respecting current legislation, and with the strictest levels of integrity and transparency.

human resources

Our commitment is based on responsible management of the human resources of the company, in terms of equal opportunities, non-discriminatory treatment, maintaining a good working environment, and attention to both personal and professional training and development needs.

clients and suppliers

We offer a quality service to our clients, marked by honesty, transparency and trust. We maintain solid ethical standards, good governance, anti-corruption and transparency in our relationships with our stakeholders and in our day-to-day operations. And we promote proper management of suppliers, selecting those that are aligned with our corporate policies.

our environment

We minimize the negative impacts on our environment, both social and environmental, trying to enhance the positive ones.


Corporate Social Responsability

We contribute to the development of a better, more responsible and more caring society, improving people's quality of life, and facilitating their social and labor integration.



We collaborate in reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and we develop initiatives that respect the environment and our surroundings.


We contribute to a more sustainable, more prepared and more capable society, through the development of value-added solutions, the dissemination of knowledge, collaboration and social participation, and innovation.


Our actions in Social Responsibility not only favor and contribute to the development of more sustainable, supportive and responsible societies.

They go further, promoting the development of knowledge and technology that help the societies in which we are present to be better prepared for the future.

Commitment of the Panel Management through Policies of Equality, Harassment, CSR, Business Ethics, Anti-corruption, Professional Development, Quality, Environment, Safety and Labor Conciliation such as Telecommuting and Digital Disconnection.

Continuous measurement of the satisfaction and needs of our employees and customers. Recognition actions and programs.

Permanent support for the professional development of our human resources. Free Professional Specialization programs for new graduates without experience:

BootCamp #PanelFuturo program.

Scrupulous respect and compliance with current Law and regulations. Honesty and transparency in all our actions. Annual financial audits and control mechanisms.

Collaboration with non-profit organizations in solidarity and sustainability causes, through donations, campaigns and volunteer actions.

Firm commitment to innovation in valuable technological solutions that contribute to the development of a socially responsible organization and to improve people's quality of life.

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Policies to reduce the generation of waste and the consumption of natural resources in the work environment. Periodic energy audits and certification in the ISO 14001 standard for environmental protection.

Promoting the implementation of projects within the framework of a competitive strategy, to ensure long-term sustainability. Facilitation of management tools and solutions that strengthen the business model.

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Ethical Channel

Our Ethical Channel allows, confidentially and anonymously, to report in good faith about breaches or incidents related to illegal conduct, regulatory breaches, or practices contrary to the principles established in our Corporate Business Ethics Policy.

Global Compact Logo

Since 2022, Panel Sistemas It has committed itself to the corporate responsibility initiative of the United Nations Global Compact and its principles, in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

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