Our work philosophy, based on ecoLOGICAL
manufacturing, allows us to apply
sustainable and based-on people industrial
processes in the creation of software
and IT systems, seeking to maximise
the value we deliver to our customers.

Reusable knowledge, institutionalisation of methods and good practices, responsibility and control of technical debtautomation and future sustainability of the software are the ecological principles that make up our software construction decalogue.

Desarrollo de Software




We are pioneers in the application of Lean IT in large projects thanks to our ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing model. We use iterative and incremental life cycles such as SCRUM and complement it with our OGMA methodology based on processes, in accordance with the nature of the project.

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We are experts in the integration of the Quality Assurance services throughout the development cycle, from the start. Our Development Centres and SQA & Testing Centre of Excellence are integrated under the same organisational structure.

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We use a proprietary tools ecosystem in all projects, that support the software Life Cycle in all its stages. It is supported by a set of tools installed and supported under a single centralised access and administration system.

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We include verification and validation processes in the whole software development cycle, such as global indicators, measures of progress towards objectives and practices oriented to continuous improvement in long-term projects.

ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing

Discover a new software creation model based on sustainable Culture, Processes and Tools

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Panel has various Development Centres in Spain dedicated to the construction and development of customised software.

servicios desarrollo software

Madrid - Ciudad Real - León

These Development Centres are structured into specialised units by Technologies, Life Cycle Phases and specific Development Disciplines, and offer:

  • A specialised technological environment.
  • Controlled production levels.
  • Efficient management of resources and their Knowledge.
  • Mechanisms for ensuring constant quality levels.
  • Proprietary development methodology, based on agile practices and accredited in CMMI-DEV in Level 3 Maturity (Processes-oriented).
  • High development productivity strategies such as Agile or Lean Management.
  • A delocalised approach that lowers costs.
  • High flexibility and capacity to adapt to variable demands.
  • Various operating models.
  • A signed quality guarantee.


These are the services we offer in our Development Centres




  • Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Demand management.
  • Analysis, specification and management of requirements.
  • Design of architectures and systems.
  • Customised software construction and full-cycle solutions.
  • Evolutive, Corrective and Operating Maintenance Services for applications and systems.
  • Software Testing and Quality integrated in the production cycle. Quality Doors.
  • Optimisation of the performance and usability of the applications.
  • Security Management Solutions.
  • Integration, Implementation and Deployment.
  • Implementation and integration of standard application solutions (CRM, ERP, HR).



  • Business applications.
  • Telecommunication Carriers Systems management: on-line charging, provisioning, commercial, data warehouse, etc.
  • Banking management systems.
  • Customer Care Systems (CAU/Help Desk).
  • Web systems.
  • Databases.



  • Front-End: HTML5&CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Typescript, Angular, BootStrap, Material Design, Karma. 
  • Back-End: Java8, Spring, NodeJS , SpringBoot, REST Services.
  • No-SQL Database: MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Scripting languages: Python, Perl, Groovy.
  • Realational Database: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL.
  • DevOps: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Terraform, Ansible. 
  • Version Control: GIT, SVN, Gerrit.
  • On-Cloud developments: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, openStack.
  • Agile methodologies:SCRUM, KANBAN.
  • Developments in .NET environment.
  • Developments in Mobile environments: Android, IOS, IONIC.

Our Development Centres and SQA & Testing Excellence Centre are integrated under the same organisational structure, making it possible to give a global response throughout the entire software Life Cycle.

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A summary of the most important Panel’s references in Software Development services. 

UNIR: Students enrollment system and enrollment conditions configurator

Panel collaborates in the definition and implementation of a dynamic student enrollment system and an enrollment conditions configurator.

Hipoo: mortgage ‘marketplace’ to configure loans tailored to the needs of your customers

Panel collaborates in the definition and implementation of the technological platform of this hypoo startup for the search of mortgage loans.

EYWA: SYSRED supervision system transformation

Panel collaborates in the development of the EYWA platform, which will be the innovative evolution of the current ENAIRE network supervision system..

Altadis: Meeting Room Reservation System

Panel as a company specialized in services related to IoT, Big Data and complete solutions in the field of Domotics and Inmotics Development, has collaborated with Dekom, videoconferencing and audiovisual technology integrator, developing a system for the meeting rooms reservation management for Altadis.