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We are good at what we do. We carry the innovation and technological excellence in our DNA, and we work with a positive attitude and passion to achieve our goal:
help our clients in their transformation process and deliver the Value they expect.

And above all, we believe in people and in the strength of the team, as the best lever to achieve it.


When you change the way you see things ...

the things you see, they change.

At Panel we have transformed the key areas of our business, with the aim of exploring differentiating business models. We discover and develop new disruptive products and services to accompany our clients on their own path to Transformation.

And we do it through innovation in action, entrepreneurship, and the development of internal talent.


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of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Because the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

our #tribepanel

At Panel we are a team of more than 300 professionals, enthusiastic, committed, and very talented.Because to lead the projects that will technologically transform our future, it is not enough just to have knowledge or skills: attitudes, skills, new ways of thinking and a lot of creativity are required.

our talent

  • Multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial and disruptive professionals.
  • Who bring experience and creativity to large projects.
  • With a great capacity for adaptation to find solutions to the new challenges that arise.
  • Self - organized into agile, predictable and reliable teams.
  • Who work closely with the client, reducing uncertainty and building trust.


Committed to security.

At Panel we have incorporated Security into our Culture as an Organization, integrating secure development and information management criteria into all our activities.

We have a system implemented and certified by the standard ISO 27001., to guarantee the Security of the information that is generated in the Organization during the development of our activity, and safeguard it from possible threats. This allows us to assure our clients and suppliers compliance with the established Information Security requirements.

Also, thanks to our alliance with Veracode, we offer a security guarantee for the software produced or in operation by our clients, providing a differential value in our proposals for Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and for Secure Software Development (DevSecOps).


We collaborate with value partners

Our partners provide essential value to initiatives and projects with our clients, as well as strength to our innovation strategy.

We are partners of leading entities

Our associations give us relevance and prestige, and are a strategic part of our path towards technological excellence. The result is advanced and innovative technological products and services.


With responsibility and social conscience

Each and every one of the activities we develop is carried out bearing in mind our sustainable development model, a model that tries to find a balance that maximizes the benefits for all, respecting current legislation, and with the strictest levels of integrity and transparency.


Quality is part of our DNA.
From the beginning.

Logo_EQA_27001_2022_black and white
CMMi Dev v2.0 certified. Panel Sistemas
CMMi SVC v2.0 certificate. Panel Sistemas

certified methodology

We work with our own and pioneering methodology, called OGMA, for the management of the projects and services that we provide to our clients.

It is based on processes and people, and incorporates both the best agile software development practices, as well as the CMMi (Capability Maturity Model) model practices and other standards such as PMI, ITIL and IREB.

OGMA is evaluated in the model CMMi-DEV and CMMi-SVC in version 2.0., Maturity level 3.

In addition, we are certified in the standards ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, and ISO 27001 Information Security.


adaptive methodology

OGMA is defined as an adaptive methodology, because it integrates different models of good practices. Is this possible? Yes, because like Agile, Scrum or Kanban it is more than backlogs, sprints or dailys, CMMi is also much more than artifacts, evidences or continuous audits.

Therefore, we are able to guarantee the highest quality of the final product in real projects, whatever their nature, size, deadlines and budgets.


We are proud to have established relationships of trust with our clients for more than ten years, and to continue accompanying them in their technological advance day after day.

Can we help you?

If you are in a project of change or technological transformation, tell us about your challenge.

The change starts with TI.