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IBERIA: software quality assurance and testing

Iberia is a Spanish airline, founded in 1927, belonging to the IAG Group since 2010, it is one of the most important airlines in the world.

The Iberia company has chosen Panel to ensure software quality in its development of its online platforms.


The quality assurance of all its Iberia online business processes.


Iberia's needs in this project are to promote the transformation initiated by the company with its new architecture towards a more Agile culture, integrating us into development teams that have been implementing this methodology in their daily work for some time.

The main objective is to ensure the quality of all its online business processes, both managed through its fronts ( and at the decentralized reservation level (NDC), in an environment oriented towards microservices architecture.

Iberia also needs to ensure functional and technical quality both in new developments in each of the business areas, with weekly releases, and in stable functionalities, applying regression tests.


The integration of quality assurance specialists in the development teams of each business area.


The solution has been the integration of quality assurance specialists in the development teams of each business area, in an Agile framework, with the mission of integrating the SQA point of view throughout the SW creation process, from the definition of epics and user stories to the management of the production launch process.

Likewise, a regression service has been created to ensure the behavior of the complete system for each release, with a strong orientation to the automation of tests of critical flows, based on the solution Zahorí.

The project has been carried out under an Agile framework, with service testing automation with SoapUI, project management with the Atlassian suite, web and mobile technologies (Android, IOS), and automation with Zahorí.

Panel's experience in complex projects, both in development and testing, has allowed us to establish an SQA Agile process based on adaptive capacity models.


Software Quality Assurance and Testing


Java | SoapUI | APPs | test link


Agile methodology


SQA Culture and Methodology

Agile Testing. Criticality of business applications

Time to market

Agile Scaling

Variable demand


High degree of automation of repetitive tasks, service tests and E2E regression tests.

Cultural evolution towards a greater global vision of the SQA.

Obtaining metrics and quality control throughout the process.

Greater involvement of business teams, proximity to the QA <-> Business Analyst role.

Increased efficiency with the elimination of rework.