Software Quality Assurance (SQA) services
are the cornerstone of our ecoLOGICAL
software manufacturing process,
and form part of our DNA.

At Panel we understand Software Quality processes to be an in-depth cultural change in the Organisation.

This implies the commitment and motivation of people (Culture), the integration of a SQA methodology in software development (Processes) and the alignment of the tools with our methodology and our culture (Tools).

Desarrollo de Software



Integrated SQA Methodology

Our vocation is to banish the perception of Quality as a terminal process. It should be integrated in the software development cycle of the Organisation and allow cultural change. At Panel, our Development Centres and SQA & Testing Centre of Excellence are integrated under the same organisational structure.

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Since 2004 we are at the forefront of the market in SQA and Testing projects. Our services are highly specialised and we have a Centre of Excellence with more than 100 specialised and trained professionals. Our experience is also based on large multi-sectoral projects.

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We use a proprietary tools ecosystem in all projects, that support the software Life Cycle in all its stages, including SQA processes. We are committed to a well-balanced investment in tools in terms of time and cost, and adapted to actual needs.

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The measurement of the perception of Quality must be a continuous, rather than terminal, process. In addition to ensuring the performance of new and existing functionalities, the end-to-end availability of the systems in production must be continuously ensured with Availability Probes.

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Our SQA & Testing Centre of Excellence (CEST) is responsible for ensuring Software Quality in all projects with our clients, as well as developing our Know-How in testing, implementation and validation of systems.

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The CEST is based on the knowledge acquired in multiple testing, integration and certification projects, in complex systems and critical environments.

In addition, it is managed by a staff of experts who coordinate and plan demands, maximising the flexibility of the teams and minimising their costs. The CEST offers:

  • Access to a specialised Testing environment.
  • Dedicated resources integrated in a Knowledge System.
  • It makes it possible to configure highly specialised teams in accordance with the quality objectives of the business.
  • Analysis and design of next-generation methodologies by renowned sector experts.
  • An economy of scale that lowers costs.
  • High flexibility and capacity to adapt to variable demands.
  • A pool of agreements with HW and SW tool providers that make it possible to lower and adapt investment costs in SQA projects.
  • A signed quality guarantee.

CEST Services are organized around three basic disciplines:

  • SQA: we apply methods and practices aimed at ensuring the quality of the software product, such as BDD, TDD, Devops, Continuous Integration, Code Inspection, etc. and integrating the SQA methodology throughout the Software Life Cycle.
  • Testing: we offer testing services in all activities of the Software Life Cycle, both in the planning, preparation and evaluation of software products and related work products. Our Testing services are independent of the Life Cycle used: Agile or Waterfall.
  • Automation of testing and processes: we automate SQA and Testing activities whenever it’s possible. For functional tests, we use our own open source platform, Zahorí, which allows us to orientate automation to business flows, and not to test cases. Zahorí allows to ensure the behavior of applications on multiple platforms and devices.

❝Our Development Centres and Panel’s SQA & Testing Centre of Excellence, work in an integrated way under the same organisational structure, making it possible to give a global response throughout the entire software Life Cycle.❞

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Sustainable automation of functional tests.

The most efficient functional test automation solution on the market that will help you to ensure the performance of your applications in multiple platforms and devices.

Discover a new concept in business flow-oriented test automation, through which you will duplicate productivity and reduce costs.

Testing Availability probes

Availability probes are monitoring mechanisms which allow us to monitor the functional performance of our software system and alert us in the event of fluctuation of the perceived quality.  

Discover how these Probes have helped our client, Globalia, to ensure the functional availability of its portals and marketplaces.

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the Software Quality Manual

A question of Culture, Processes and Tools


SQA, Testing, Continuous Integration, DevOps, BDD, TDD,...
You will find all the concepts that currently form part of the Software Quality Culture of any Organisation in this Manual (new edition 2015).


Regtel: CGAE electronic file

Panel as a technological partner of the Network of Lawyers, the Technological Infrastructure of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers has developed the Regtel electronic registration platform that allows it to comply with the legal obligations of the Strategic Law Advocacy 2020.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing for Iberia

Iberia company has chosen Panel to ensure the Software Quality of its developments for the new platform

Ávoris, automation pilot with Zahorí

Ávoris Travel (former Barceló Viajes) raised to Panel the need to evaluate in a Pilot Project the possibilities of its Processes of Quality Assurance Software (SQA) automation.

Software Quality Assurance services (SQA) for Telefonica Onthespot.

Panel has began to collaborate with Telefonica Onthespot in Software Quality Assurance and Testing services of the company’s commercial products of Digital Marketing and Ambiance Music.