Discover Zahorí, a new business flow-oriented software for tests and processes automation ,
through which you will duplicate productivity and reduce costs.

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Zahorí is the most efficient functional test automation solution on the market, which will help you to ensure the performance of your applications on multiple platforms and devices.

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Unlike other tools on the market, Zahorí is based on open-code technologies, facilitating your company’s digital transformation strategy.

Is the maintenance of your testing automation very expensive? Do you need to reuse automatic tests? Do you need your tests to maintain the change rate of applications?

With Zahorí you can do it. Why?

Because Zahorí includes a business-flow oriented test automation framework (not only oriented to test-cases), so the maintenance of software automation is minimized and simplified.

Zahorí guarantees the automation of any business process independently of the technology, and you can integrate it with any market tool. It is multi-platform and multi-device, and has no licensing costs associated.

In short, we deliver you an efficient test automation framework that you can maintain yourself, with which you can ensure the behavior of your applications and meet the Time to Market. 

Welcome to the Sustainable automation of functional tests.

¿Por qué necesito Zahorí si...

... no tengo automatización de pruebas o estoy empezando?

  • Porque necesito una solución sostenible, fácilmente mantenible e independiente de la tecnología.
  • Quiero empezar a automatizar sin servidumbre tecnológica, sin costes de licencia y sin barreras de uso.
  • Debo poder integrar la solución con otras herramientas del mercado.
  • Necesito poder reutilizar las pruebas automáticas y eliminar tareas manuales repetitivas y de poco valor añadido.
  • Tengo una gran diversidad tecnológica de sistemas a probar, incluyendo dispositivos y plataformas web/móvil.
  • Necesito tener una capacidad de automatización temprana, paralela al desarrollo de las aplicaciones, ya sea ágil o en cascada.
  • Quiero aplicar prácticas de Integración Continua y Devops que me ayuden a la detección temprana de errores.

... ya utilizo otras soluciones de automatización de pruebas?

  • Porque la degradación de la automatización es rápida y tiene un elevado coste de mantenimiento.
  • Mis automatismos son incompatibles y tienen una nula reutilización fuera de las plataformas estándar.
  • Necesito contar con una solución única y una base de software estable.
  • Quiero estándares abiertos, que me permitan abordar procesos de innovación o transformación tecnológica en mi compañía.
  • Quiero poder controlar las herramientas de forma autónoma.
  • Necesito alcanzar un alto grado de automatización, y poder realizar prototipados rápidos y regresivos ágiles.
  • Los sistemas Legacy se integran difícilmente con otras herramientas tecnológicas.
  • Necesito soluciones compatibles con estándares y normativas como ISTQB o TMMi.

With Zahorí...

Increase your productivity

Reduce your costs

Zahorí allows maximum reuse of business assets for the customer, improving productivity by more than 100% *.

With Zahorí, the volume of automation software is related to the complexity of the test processes of the application, and not to the number of test cases to be executed. Therefore, once you have the automated flow, create new test cases on it is reduced to parameterize them only once.

In addition, changes in the application remain in the automated flow, eliminating duplication of software and preventing technological debt.

Zahorí, as it is oriented to business flows, enables maintenance of automation software to be minimized and simplified, reducing maintenance costs by more than 50% *.

In addition, with Zahorí you reduce the execution time thanks to the distributed execution of functional tests in different configuration contexts.

The final product is a customized test case factory that does not require technical knowledge to use. And being Open Source, it has no licensing costs.

(* Data extracted from experiences in real projects with Zahorí.)

Think before about what you are going to automate. If you automate a disastrous process, you will get a disastrous automated process.

Zahorí is...

Open Source

Zahorí is based on open source technologies, and has no associated licensing costs. You can fully integrate it with other market tools of Test Management, Version Control, or Continuous Integration.


What if my developments are Agile? Or Waterfall? No matter: Zahorí is totally independent of the applications Life Cycle.

Real DevOps

Zahorí is essential in a real Devops system. It helps automate continuous software delivery processes, and frames the automation of testing in a more software development project. This generates important synergies between the Development, Testing and Operation teams, without needing a high degree of specialization.

Multiplatform and Multidevice

Zahorí provides flexibility in the execution of tests. It allows cross-platform testing (web, host, soa, mobile) and on any mobile device, operating system or browser.


Due to its architecture, the developed functionalities are easily scalable to future configuration platforms, without having to wait for manufacturers’ libraries.


The set of functionalities provided by Zahorí is broad, being able to integrate new functionalities without impact on existing ones and design customized solutions.


The new features implemented in each automation software project are immediately available for future projects, which means having a continuously growing Core of automation, which is strengthened with each project, reducing the cost of future projects.


Zahorí allows the simultaneous execution of functional tests in different configuration contexts, allowing the releasing of automation scenarios. In addition, it allows the dynamic collection of test data based on business rules, integrating multiple data sources.


Zahorí has a dashboard to monitor the executions, and allows the generation of customizable evidences (screenshots, videos, documents and traces). There is no limitation in the collection of execution evidences.

Zahorí against other market tools

automation tools

License fee
Cost per developer and environment


Supported Environments

Expandable functionality
Limited to available libraries

Scalability to new platforms
Not very scalable

Generation of evidences
Requires coding

Learning curve

agile tools

License fee
Cost per developer and environment

Proprietary + Opensource

Supported Environments
Windows, Linux, Mac…

Expandable functionality
Limited to available libraries

Scalability to new platforms

Generation of evidences
Requires coding

Learning curve

The Zahorí solution

Zahorí includes a powerful framework that allows you to build your custom test automation software, and generate test cases on applications with different interaction interfaces.

It is advisable (although not mandatory) that Zahorí have an open ecosystem of development and execution tools, which allows the integration with test management systems, continuous integration tools, and specialized software repositories for the management of automation software code. Its modular design is also compatible with an artifact repository, requiring no interpretation / compilation time of the automation code.

The Zahorí solution can be complemented by a series of optional services: consultancy and implementation of SQA methodology, training, and maintenance services for the automation software.

Do you want to learn more about Zahorí?

In this practical webinar we will teach you more in depth how Zahorí works and what are its advantages.

You will see its full potential with live examples of how it works.

Duration: 1 hour.
Videos are in Spanish language

First Part: deepening from the theory ...

Second part: ... to practice with Zahorí

Customers who already enjoy the advantages of Zahorí

Success Stories

Software Quality Assurance and Testing for Iberia

Iberia company has chosen Panel to ensure the Software Quality of its developments for the new platform www.iberia.com

Ávoris, automation pilot with Zahorí

Ávoris Travel (former Barceló Viajes) raised to Panel the need to evaluate in a Pilot Project the possibilities of its Processes of Quality Assurance Software (SQA) automation.

Software Quality Assurance services (SQA) for Telefonica Onthespot.

Panel has began to collaborate with Telefonica Onthespot in Software Quality Assurance and Testing services of the company’s commercial products of Digital Marketing and Ambiance Music.

Pullmantur, Functional Tests automation

Pullmantur has chosen Panel Sistemas to automate the Functional Tests of its front-end applications with Zahorí, our software tests automation solution.

Tests automation with Zahorí for FEGA.

Panel collaborates with the Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund (FEGA) in the realization of Automatic Testing (E2E) with our Zahorí solution.

PRIME nodes management and monitoring system for Iberdrola.

Panel has collaborated with Iberdrola, through our client Ericsson, on a project for the development of a management system and monitoring of PRIME nodes (PowerLine Intelligent Metering Evolution) within Iberdrola’s electricity network.

AltamirA, Ericsson’s Prepaid Service Charging System

Panel collaborates with Ericsson since 2011 as its main technological ally in the development of the AltamirA software, the real-time Charging Platform of the Telefónica Group’s Prepaid Management System.

Testing Factory Services for a spanish Financial entity.

Panel has been authorized since 2015 as a Testing Factory by one of the main spanish Financial entities, for the provision of Software Quality Assurance Services.

Globalia, Software Quality Assurance integral system

Implementation of a Software Quality Assurance System, integrated in the Group’s SW development strategy, based on Agile and Lean Management philosophies and in alignment with the requirements of the Tourism Business in relation to the incorporation of new technologies.

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