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Discover Zahorí, a new business flow-oriented software for tests and processes automation,
through which you will duplicate productivity and reduce costs.

Discover the time and money savings that supposed automate your tests and software development processes

With Zahorí you will have an Open Source automation solution, without technological servitude or license costs, easy to use and maintain, and fully integrated into yours own IT ecosystem.

  • You will avoid extra costs, especially in re-deliveries.
  • You can apply DevOps and Continuous Integration practices, introducing automatic QA throughout the software development cycle.
  • You will better manage your SQA team variable capacity.
  • You can accelerate the production start up of new features, and better adapt to the business users requests.
  • You can reuse automatic tests and adapt it agilely to the functional software progress.
  • You can generate automatic probes to ensure the production systems availability.
  • You can perform fast prototypes and agile regressions.
  • You can release your SQA team from repetitive and manual tasks, such as regression tests.
  • You can try on any platform and device.


With Zahorí you will have a sustainable and efficient automation solution, easily maintainable and without license costs.

Zahorí is ...



Zahorí is based on Open Source technologies.

This allows you to generate automation software easily. Besides, you can fully integrate it with other market tools of Test Management, Version Control, or Continuous Integration.



Zahorí doesn’t have any associated license costs.

Zahorí doesn’t depend on proprietary technologies or the manufacturer knowledge, you can start to automate without technological servitude and without use barriers, facilitating your company technological transformation process.



The Zahorí architecture is designed based on business processes, and not just on test cases.

This guarantees any automation process independently of the technology, platform or device, and allows to maintain and evolve the automation software easily. Our goal is to make your QA team self-sufficient with automation.



Zahorí is essential in DevOps practices.

It helps you to incorporate automatic SQA throughout the Software Development Cycle, automating for example the software delivery continuous processes (SQA in DevOps).



Zahorí provides flexibility in the tests execution.

It allows multi-platform testing (web, host, soa, mobile) and on any mobile device, operating system or browser.



The developed functionalities are easily scalable to future configuration platforms.

Due to its architecture, the set of functionalities provided by Zahorí is broad, being able to integrate new functionalities without impact on existing ones and design customized solutions.



It has an automation Core in continuous growth.

The new features implemented in each automation software project are immediately available for future projects, reducing the cost.



Allows the simultaneous execution of functional tests in different configuration contexts.

In addition, Zahorí allow the automation scenarios versioned, and the test data dynamic collection based on business rules, integrating multiple data sources.



Zahorí has a dashboard to monitor the executions.

In addition, Zahorí allows the generation of customizable evidences (screenshots, videos, documents and traces). There is no limitation in the collection of execution evidences.

Would you like to have a Zahorí Pilot Test in your Organization?

 If you want to validate quickly if automate IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT is possible, we offer you the possibility of testing with a Pilot on any web application.
In this way, you will be able to check our automation capability, and our teams flexibility.

Unlike other Market tools,
Zahorí is based on
Open technologies, facilitating
the digital transformation
strategy of your company.

With Zahorí...


Zahorí, as it is oriented to business flows, enables maintenance of automation software to be minimized and simplified, reducing maintenance costs by more than 50% *.

In addition, with Zahorí you reduce the execution time thanks to the distributed execution of functional tests in different configuration contexts.

The final product is a customized test case factory that does not require technical knowledge to use. And being Open Source, it has no licensing costs.

(* Data extracted from experiences in real projects with Zahorí.)


Zahorí allows maximum reuse of business assets for the customer, improving productivity by more than 100% *.

With Zahorí, the volume of automation software is related to the complexity of the test processes of the application, and not to the number of test cases to be executed. Therefore, once you have the automated flow, create new test cases on it is reduced to parameterize them only once.

In addition, changes in the application remain in the automated flow, eliminating duplication of software and preventing technological debt.

(* Data extracted from experiences in real projects with Zahorí.)

Zahorí against other market tools

Do you want to try Zahorí
in your Organization?

Would you like to have a Zahorí Pilot Test in your Organization?

 If you want to validate quickly if automate IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT is possible, we offer you the possibility of testing with a Pilot on any web application.
In this way, you will be able to check our automation capability, and our teams flexibility.

Customers who already enjoy the Zahorí advantages

Success Stories


Software Quality Assurance and Testing for Iberia

Iberia company has chosen Panel to ensure the Software Quality of its developments for the new platform www.iberia.com


Ávoris, automation pilot with Zahorí

Ávoris Travel (former Barceló Viajes) raised to Panel the need to evaluate in a Pilot Project the possibilities of its Processes of Quality Assurance Software (SQA) automation.


Software Quality Assurance services (SQA) for Telefonica Onthespot.

Panel has began to collaborate with Telefonica Onthespot in Software Quality Assurance and Testing services of the company’s commercial products of Digital Marketing and Ambiance Music.


Pullmantur, Functional Tests automation

Pullmantur has chosen Panel Sistemas to automate the Functional Tests of its front-end applications with Zahorí, our software tests automation solution.


Tests automation with Zahorí for FEGA.

Panel collaborates with the Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund (FEGA) in the realization of Automatic Testing (E2E) with our Zahorí solution.


PRIME nodes management and monitoring system for Iberdrola.

Panel has collaborated with Iberdrola, through our client Ericsson, on a project for the development of a management system and monitoring of PRIME nodes (PowerLine Intelligent Metering Evolution) within Iberdrola’s electricity network.


AltamirA, Ericsson’s Prepaid Service Charging System

Panel collaborates with Ericsson since 2011 as its main technological ally in the development of the AltamirA software, the real-time Charging Platform of the Telefónica Group’s Prepaid Management System.


Testing Factory Services for a spanish Financial entity.

Panel has been authorized since 2015 as a Testing Factory by one of the main spanish Financial entities, for the provision of Software Quality Assurance Services.


Globalia, Software Quality Assurance integral system

Implementation of a Software Quality Assurance System, integrated in the Group’s SW development strategy, based on Agile and Lean Management philosophies and in alignment with the requirements of the Tourism Business in relation to the incorporation of new technologies.