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Zahorí, open Automation platform


Zahorí, new open platform for process automation.

In this webinar, the team from the area of Quality Assurance and Panel Testing  has presented us with the new proposal of Zahorí, an open platform for process automation.

Zahorí already has a journey in the company as a test automation solution. During 2020 the team decided, driven by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, to focus on Zahorí all his know-how to turn it into a global solution for process automation in all areas and sectors: from test automation, to online transaction processes, application deployments, or any other repetitive and tedious internal process with which you want to reduce errors, and save time for more productive tasks.

The new Zahorí is a process automation product that allows to execute repetitive tasks in an intelligent way, increasing the reliability and scalability of systems and applications, in a relationship framework focused on value and people.

In this 101, by the hand of Eduardo Rodríguez, you will be able to know how they have worked to evolve the current positioning of Zahorí towards the automation or RPA market, creating an open platform that is supported by a new Dashboard, tools and technologies.

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