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WITNESSES of Change – Chronicle of VLC Testing 2023

With a show of lights and color on stage, the first day of conferences began in VLC Testingplatforms, largest software testing festival in Spain.

VLC Testing is a meeting held annually in Spain, organized by the ITI, where you can learn good practices, techniques and tools related to software development and quality, and also enjoy a memorable day.

Through real experiences and with the help of professionals with recognized experience, at VLC Testing they show us every year the latest trends and innovations to improve competitiveness, reduce costs and generate trust in clients and end users.

Panel has sponsored this event for the second consecutive year and, on this occasion, under the slogan «WITNESSES OF THE CHANGE», VLC23 has mainly focused on highlighting the essential role played by Software quality in the digital transformation of companies, ensuring that digital products and services are reliable, secure and meet market and user expectations.

Learn, connect and grow as a professional

This once again sums up what we, as a team, took away from VLC Testing 23.

This event is capable of generating the necessary breeding ground for talking about Software Quality and Testing in our sector. Professionals, companies, a good common thread, an excellent space on La Rambleta and a festive atmosphere at the end, you couldn't ask for more! Interesting conversations around QA always arise here, synergies are found, and friends are even made 😊

Yes because networking is undoubtedly the most positive aspect which makes attending this event worth it. It is enriching, both on a personal and professional level, to be able to dialogue with other companies, maintain informal and professional conversations of all kinds, connect with other friends from the world of software testing and, above all, learn.

We have all gone home thinking about how to overcome our insecurities as professionals, how to add value to our teams, and how to better focus on situations that may occur in our daily lives. Therefore, without a doubt, it is a VERY positive experience, and for our part all the objectives we had in the team have been met.

The talks: a bittersweet taste

The B side of the event is that this year (personal opinion, of course), the talks have been one step below those we enjoyed in the previous edition (Here you have the chronicle of VLC22).

While it is true that inspiration is found in the most unexpected places, this year's presentations were not particularly fresh. It is evident that expectations were set at very high levels, and therefore there was a greater probability that the final taste would not be as sweet. You simply cannot always be on the crest of the wave.

However, this “but” was cushioned by the master of ceremonies and comedian María Juan, which undoubtedly shone with its own light throughout the event and made us really enjoy the first day.

Of the entire program, we would like to highlight the following talks:

  • the keynote of Emma Fernandez"The importance of managing intangibles in times of change: talent, innovation and brand”. Her talk was masterful, not only because of the level of the speaker, the preparation of the presentation and the messages she sent during her brief intervention. Emma managed to leave us with the feeling that she had content and messages for 3 more hours, with very important reflections that, without a doubt, will “force” us to watch the presentation again and again.
  • The talk of Jaime Rodriguez: "chatGPT: new QA training methods” and its focus on how AI can help in QA training, particularly in test design, UI and AP test automation. It is a fact that AI is transforming error detection and test case generation, and this talk came to underline the importance of staying up to date.
  • Other talks like those of Ivan del Viso Pérez ( "Where are my QAS?”) wave of Juan Carlos Porrino ( "Quality is priceless") started from interesting premises but did not convince, mainly because they included too many concepts in a very short time. It would be advisable to savor them more carefully.
  • In general, talks like the one Ruben Fernandez y Ariadna Trueba which revolved around the eternal discussions about QA roles in the work team, offered a valuable perspective on how collaboration and understanding the different roles in the development process are fundamental to success.
  • For our part, our partner ismael mateos gave a presentation on Contract Testing in which he told of his learning process in this methodology and shared both his impressions about its potential and the tools he has discovered around this methodology. You can see it here.


In summary, from VLC Testing we get a lot of good networking, with people who know what they are talking about and with a wave of knowledge and management level quite similar to ours.

We have enjoyed, we have played, we have laughed a lot, and we have learned, but above all, Growth as a team is the best thing we took back home.

As sponsors, we have tried to make known the value of our vision and experience in the field of Quality eXperience (QX), improving the Quality Experience of software users day and day. But we also take away many new and interesting paths that we must explore in our team.

We want to include a special thanks to the ITI team involved in the organization of the event, once again achieving a sensational atmosphere, promoting networking in the sector and paying attention to attendees, speakers and sponsors with an unmatched level of care. Thank you also for the “out-VLC” visit to the ITI facilities, which gave us the opportunity to learn a little more about everything they do. We hope that together we will find new ways of collaboration!

They have contributed to the preparation of this article all SQA and Panel Testing team who have had the pleasure of attending VLC23 this year: Álvaro Samaniego, Aziz Labib, Ismael Mateos, Jorge Merino, Pau Borrell, Sergio Porrero, Loli Guerrero and myself 😊

Link to the VLC23 website:

Link to the presentations of the second day (registration required):

Belen Gomez

Belen Gomez

Belén is Team Lead Manager in the Quality Assurance and Software Testing Area of Panel Sistemas. You can contact her via e-mail, riding a Twitter , or visit your profile at Linkedin.

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