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We sponsor one more year the TarugoConf 20 - Sofa Edition

by | October 5 2020 | News

One more year we joined from Panel Sistemas to the list of sponsors, collaborators and friends of the DowelConf 20, a conference on technology and business that this time will be held online, due to the unprecedented situation we are experiencing, from October 22 to 24.

The Tarugoconf is a conference on design, construction and commercialization of digital products and services that was born around the heterogeneous Community of subscribers and subscribers of The Bonilista, the weekly newsletter on technological entrepreneurship written by David Bonilla. But it is, above all, a meeting point for people who "do things" around software, technological innovation and the Internet: designers, investors, programmers, salespeople, marketing or support people, system administrators, recruiters ... metal comrades , all of you dowels.

It is organized with a single objective: to take care of every detail of the event in an unhealthy way —from the accreditations to the gastronomic offer— to transform the attendance into an experience, without ever forgetting that the most important thing about the Tarugoconf, what truly differentiates it, are their talks.

3 days
7 talks
6 workshops
700 attendees
1 community


The coronavirus has forced this edition to be 100% online, so the DowelConf 20 it will be recorded on a real TV set with several cameras and cinema lighting; content adapted to online has been created that takes advantage of all the advantages of the medium: interaction with speakers and attendees, live contests and raffles, prerecorded reports, the possibility for the public to broadcast their own content (and consume that created by others) and to that anyone who wants to do REAL networking from the sofa at home, thanks to a lot of dynamics and games.

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Previous editions sponsored:

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

For any additional information, contact us via e-mail at this address.

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