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Panel Sistemas and Veracode sign a partnership alliance

by | Feb 18 2021 | News

Thanks to this agreement, Panel incorporates to its portfolio of services a security guarantee for the software produced or in operation by its clients.

Panel Sistemas, a company specialized in IT Services and Solutions in Spain, has recently signed a Alliance agreement with Veracode, the world's largest provider of application security testing (AST) solutions.

Managed through a single centralized platform, Veracode offers the only cloud-native solution in the industry that enables its partners to onboard quickly and seamlessly, so companies can move AppSec to the cloud safely. Through its scalable, best-in-class platform, Veracode integrates application analytics into development processes, empowers developers with the knowledge and skills to create secure code, and provides security professionals with analytics tools. and monitoring with key metrics.

With this business alliance, Panel adds to its portfolio of services a security guarantee for the software produced or in operation by its clients, providing a differential value in its proposals for Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and for Secure Software Development (DevSecOps).

Thanks to this alliance, Panel can carry out security certifications at any point in the software life cycle, adapting to the rhythm of its clients in a flexible and agile way. The scope covers from prototypes, components or third-party libraries, to complete systems in production, and the results build confidence immediately. Ultimately, this alliance will allow our clients quickly find and fix security flaws in your environments, taking advantage of Veracode's analysis tools and training from our developers.

Also, Panel participates in the program Veracode Verified which demonstrates, backed by one of the most trusted companies in the industry, that an organization has prioritized application security in its software development projects. The program Veracode Verified offers a roadmap for implementing secure development processes and mature application security programs.

In the words of Miguel Ángel Nicolao, CIIO of Panel Sistemas and Head of Technology Alliances"Our commitment to secure software is total. Veracode reinforces us in the way we work to be able to issue protection guarantees against vulnerabilities for the software we produce and maintain. Thanks to this alliance, our clients will be able to count on a team of experts from Panel and Veracode to guarantee the maximum use of security testing activities, and their correct application to the scope of each project, using the information generated to optimize the cycle of Life of Software Creation".

According to Pal Kondel, Vice President of EMEA at Veracode"As the pace of software development continues to accelerate, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to ensure that they are prioritizing application security testing. Through this partnership with Panel, we can give companies the confidence that they are reducing the risk of security incidents while modernizing, scaling and automating their application security programs, to benefit both development and development teams. safety«.

The alliance with Veracode will also allow Panel to start the path to certify the security of its own software products, such as Zahorí or Kalena, and post them in the verified products directory.

Panel Sistemas & Veracode Alliance

About Veracode

Veracode is the leading AppSec partner for creating secure software, reducing the risk of security breaches, and increasing the security and productivity of development teams. As a result, companies using Veracode can move their business and the world forward. With its combination of process automation, integrations, speed and responsiveness, Veracode helps companies obtain accurate and reliable results to focus their efforts on correcting, not just finding, potential vulnerabilities.

Veracode serves more than 2.500 clients worldwide in a wide range of industries. The Veracode solution has evaluated more than 24 billion lines of code and helped companies correct more than 59 million security flaws.

More information in , on the Veracode blog and on Twitter.

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About Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas is a technology company specialized in software development, software quality assurance, and IT services.

We work throughout the Software Life Cycle in an automated way and under the same organizational structure, which allows us to give our clients a global response to IT needs, and we accompany companies in their Digital Transformation process with services of added value that promote the cultural, technological and process change necessary in this trip.

We currently work with more than 50 companies from different sectors of activity, and we have developed more than 1.200 software projects nationally and internationally.

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Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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