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UX and UI Design: designers and developers collaborating on the front-end.

We return to the load with a new 101 Panel Tech Days #From home That will hook you!

On this occasion, our partner Isaura Fontcuberta He told us about the differences between UX and UI Design, and how to combine the work of designers and developers (especially in the Front End). In addition, we learned design patterns: make no mistake, they did not talk about factories or adapters, but rather, interface design patterns.

For example, do you know what a carousel is? A wizard? A tip-a-friend? Well, don't worry, in this 101 you will learn to recognize them right away!

But not all you are going to do is see and hear. This is about learning by "doing." So we will design some simple things in Figma so you can experiment with your own applications ... and you'll end up making your shopping list there (don't worry, it's online, agnostic for your operating system, and free!).

And finally, what you can do before watching this 101 webinar is:

  • Get yourself some markers and paper.
  • Create an account at (I recommend that you use gmail for this).

The person in charge of conducting this workshop was our partner in Panel Isaura Fontcuberta.

I am a UX / UI designer and programmer, Venezuelan and Spanish. I am passionate about building efficient software that people like to use and solves problems. My tools? Anything that can serve me to meet the needs of users and the business.


Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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