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Entrepreneurship in 4 + 1 practical steps

Ladies and gentlemen, with you the "most difficult yet": Spanish entrepreneurs collaborating with interest, without masks.

The miracle: 
Concentrate and condense in 5 presentations, 5 valuable perspectives of the same concern
It is not easy, nor usual
Bottom line: Thank you @movistarpro_es

I have had the luck to be one of the participants in the EVENT «Entre Emprendedores 2012», # EEpro2012 for friends. Calling it an event was too small for him, no doubt. My contribution? Share this experience with all of you.

Let's make the file:


  • Theme: Share experiences and knowledge of recognized entrepreneurs and freelancers, addressing four key functions of a business: management, product, finance and innovation.
  • Format: Lectures (magisterial) of 30 minutes (approx.).
  • Audience: 150 people in the room, strong presence on twitter (# EEpro2012) and live video broadcast.
  • Organized by@movistarpro_es
  • Logistics: Catfish Room the Letters (Madrid).
  • Official poster:  'Entrepreneurs' Sign up! # EEpro2012 | More than business 
If there is something that does not fit you (4 functions, 5 perspectives / presentations): we are doing well! We had a "fifth element" as a result of a popular consultation. Very good and peculiar, at the level of the rest of the speakers.
Go ahead that, if you really want extract the substance to these sessions, you only have one option: swallow the streaming (you can skip the first 23 minutes of adjustment letter, unless you like piped music).
If I finish this article here, I am so calm, it must be done. But we are going to reel off a little more the course of events and their subsequent echoes. In any case, I reiterate my advice: swallow the streaming. They are 180 minutes valuable at 80% and skillfully basted by Martha Simonet.
Come on, to the nougat. These presentations are the rungs of the ladder that leads us to entrepreneurship:
  • Step 1: How incubate an idea to create a company (Startup). Even if you don't have the idea.
Perspective: Products, developed by Álvaro Cuesta, CEO of Sonar Ventures.
Magic phrase: «Your product is the key to the success of your project »
My conclusion: what better explanation than a practical example with a fair bit of theoretical support?
Basically, at the end of attending this presentation you will have run out of Excuse # 1 not to undertake: "I just need a good idea" y Excuse # 2: «I just don't know where to start ».


As I say, if you have been blessed with an idea, now you will be clear that it is not trivial or impossible to undertake. There are certain techniques that can help you.
They introduce us to the guest star: the book The Lean Startup, Of video] Eric Ries and a case study: [video] The Dollar Shave Club. A fun example of an agile launch based on product and market innovation.

  • Step 2: The legal tangle that surrounds every business and investor impact in your new company.

 Perspective: Financials, developed by Gonzalo Ulloa, Founding Partner of U & Law.

Magic phrase: "Structure of the investment and the agreement of the partners"

My conclusion: arid theme where they exist. Well exposed, interesting, it is more: NECESSARY. Several very relevant points are touched on ... we are talking about who we play the quarters with.

A phrase sticks to me and I spit it on twitter: "The Business Angels they contribute smart money, because it comes from having succeeded in the market and, in addition, they contribute contacts ». My head explodes: does that exist ???

I am left with the desire to "de-virtualize" Gonzalo carriazo of «uniremprende»… again it will be !.

  •  Step 3: How to energize yourself to generate innovation.

 Perspective: Innovation, developed by Alicia Chavero, Director of h2i institute.

Magic phrase: "Innovation processes in entrepreneurial projects"

My conclusion: SURPRISING what can be achieved by speaking (externalizing, in an oriented way). It sounds like a joke, but that of «Talk to her» (by Almodóvar) applies luxuriously: «the objective is to have a dialogue with your idea so that it passes the viability filter«.

Alicia shows us the way, she lives in it.

The challenge is clear: you have to keep 3 levels of conversation around an idea.

I can explain it

I can have a conversation with MY team

I can have a conversation with OTHER teams

The path is also clear: enriching the profile of each professional and of the team, incorporating knowledge in other areas, fostering specialized and versatile teams. It's time for the «-T people«!

When we start to run out of oxygen, the good news arrives: h2i institute offers to incorporate into our team one of its facilitators in practice ("win-win").

  • Step 4:: The enriching personal experience of a restless spirit, now called, entrepreneur.

Perspective: Directing, developed by José Luis Bernal, General Director of Verti Insurance.

Magic phrase: "Perseverance and desire to excel"

My conclusion: Daddy, Daddy, I promise I don't ask for anything more, just: swallow the 23 minutes by José Luis !!. It is a «prezious» explanation… and «worthiness», no further comment is needed: a star is born.

Deconstruction of personal experiences to entrepreneurship foam

  • Step (4 + 1): The last frontier. Everything fails, the figure of the Autonomous 2.0 as the only form of labor survival in the immediate future.

Perspective: Survival, developed by Roberto González Fontenla, Consultant and trainer 2.0.

Magic phrase: "The autonomous 2.0. The new workforce ”

My conclusion: Difficult to classify. He is a "popular" speaker chosen from those who introduced themselves as candidates in the forum For starters, he has lived up to the rest of the interventions and has earned the right to hindsight.

Offer psychological therapy to employees interesting reflections, reasoned and with documentary support. A Galician black leg. The books he recommends are clearly seen in the video and also on his own blog: Autonomo_2.0. Fighting to promote the training of the self-employed, from scratch. Lots of fabric.
Every two minutes a twitter headline. The minute 10:00 .. there it is. In any case: 26 minutes / 2 = 13 thunder.
You have to believe, because to believe is to create

Well I hope you will excuse me but we leave out the "networking" part. To have it, there was. Obviously, the work of producing the video feed of the event is very good, and it is appreciated. The work of social dynamization of the «Community managers», also notable. The Sony terminal (Sony Xperia S) that they taught us for dessert, very curious.
To finish off and ratify the intense work of social revitalization, the next day they gave us from @movistarpro_es and with a spectacular «Tweets selection» (history) of the entire event Based on a careful selection of the tweets generated, brilliant work.
Why was I at this event? because I want to undertake, I want to change things. Be careful: I aspire to be an INTRApreneur.
I give you the witness, we will be happy to hear from you through the comments, of course, but (assuming you have swallowed the streaming 😉…. less comments and more action. So:
Come on those FACTS !!



The echoes of this event continue to resonate through the network… Undertake! Undertake!

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Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at LinkedIn. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.

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  1. Roberto González Fontenla (@rrhhsevilla)

    Thank you very much for the glowing comments. As @Yoriento says "An entrepreneur is a self-employed with glamor." I am a convinced freelancer, I have reinvigorated myself and created my work, as recommended by Lynda Gratton and I believe that my experience can serve as a guide to many others and avoid the mistakes that I made. A hug 2.0 and congratulations on the blog, it is fantastic in content and has an exquisite design.

  2. Miguel A. Nicolao

    Thanks for participating. Roberto, what you are doing (reinventing yourself, unlearning and building your future) is nothing, not easy. That someone tell you, it is already a point, but also make it enjoyable, highlight the pitfalls and call you (like a siren 😉 from the other side ... that is priceless !.

    Come on that hug 2.0! … And everyone to row !!


  3. Julian

    Superb summary and excellent presentations !!!

    If we are able to apply it, it would be "milk" ...



  4. Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

    Thanks Julian.

    We are able. Very capable.

    … To row!


  5. Anonymous

    good article, I want to comment that one of the biggest challenges that everyone has, is to be a leader. A leader must influence others, not by authority but by will, not by imposition but by inspiration. The leader must seek to motivate his team from the depths of his being, that they follow him out of conviction and genuine motivation. Being such a leader contributes a lot to success.

    • Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

      Good leadership undoubtedly contributes to success and so does collaboration and communication. This event was a good example of how a wise combination of collaborators enriches the perspective.

      Thanks for your participation.

  6. Luis Hurtado - conferences

    I am an entrepreneur, but getting to do it has not been easy, what the article says is true, many times there are fears that prevent us from starting a business or a project, additionally, there are always those around you who tell you that you will not be able It is not easy that it is better to continue as an employee, personally I consider that a project can be undertaken and be successful, but first you need to make an objective analysis of your project, ask yourself the following questions How am I going to market my product or service? What do I have to do to attract customers? How can you deliver a quality product or service? This will help you to shape your project.

    • Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

      Congratulations on your initiative. As the speakers of the event comment, once it is underway, we must not lose sight of the (eternal) search for innovation.

      José Luis Bernal's presentation on his personal experience seemed brilliant to me.


  7. Alejandra - Specialized Recruitment

    Hello, congratulations on the article, it seems to me that if you are not on the internet you are not in the business world. Marketing is essential, you have to know how to do it for your business to bear fruit. It is not enough to have a good idea, the entrepreneur must prepare to be successful, it is not enough to be persistent, you have to persist with intelligence.

    • Miguel A. Nicolao

      Thanks for your contribution, Alejandra.

      The format of the event itself helps a lot to assume that undertaking is a team effort. In addition, four key functions of a business were very well defined: management, product, finance and innovation.

      If we add sharing experiences and knowledge… we are on our way!


  8. Rebeca - Training

    I liked the subject, I am doing research on the subject and it contributes to me in a significant way.

  9. Melissa - recruitment

    I liked the subject, I am doing research on the subject and it contributes to me in a significant way.

    • Panel Sistemas

      Thank you very much Melissa, we are glad that you have been useful. Lucky!


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