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Tech trends for 2019, GP Bullhound predictions

The technological predictions of GP Bullhound They are a tradition at the end of each year, and we are already on the twelfth edition. This company is dedicated to advising on technological investment, which leads them to always bear in mind the influence of technological trends in their investment recommendations.

On this occasion, the chosen framework is unbeatable: the Google for Startup Madrid Campus. An auditorium that bustles daily with restless entrepreneurs and the habitual home of the previous ones tarugoconf with which we gladly collaborate.

As they rightly point out from GP Bullhound, the transformative effect of technology is affecting every corner of our world. Its impact in commercial, social and political terms is being unprecedented.

Prior to the presentation of the 2019 report, a brief recapitulation of the technological trends that were presented for 2018 was made. The success rate has been quite high in general, with 7 confirmed trends, a couple of them under discussion and one failed .


Among the 2018 successes, we highlight the strength of "Mobile first", which reaches 80% of mobile Internet users in China ... Mobile first knocks on your door!. While among the trends under discussion, we are left with the unsuccessful prediction that "2018 will be the first year with a drop in email traffic" because email traffic has continued to increase, although YouTube adoption has grown or Slack.

But let's go with the ...

About GP Bullhound Tech for 2019

  1. Digital banking continues to grow ("Digital banking continues to rise").
  2. Mobile app distribution moves away from Apple and Google ("App distribution moving away from Apple and Google").
  3. Employees demand high technology to feel connected ("Employee engagement goes high tech").
  4. Tech in retail gets smarter ("Retail technology gets smarter").
  5. Artificial Intelligence marks the end of the repetitive, not the end of life ("Artificial Intelligence is the end of repetitions, not the end of life").
  6. Subscription mode consumption is going to eclipse the ad-based market ("Consumer subscription set to eclipse advertising").
  7. The duopoly (Google-Facebook) of the advertising market is going to be broken ("A break-up of an advertising duopoly").
  8. The battle for home delivery is served ("Last mile delivery going the distance").
  9. The Children's Club is over ("end of the boys club").
  10. Financing Professionals (and Institutional Money) Seek Entry Points into Blockchain ("Professional capital sources scouting for entry points into Blockchain")

The presented report goes into some detail on the fundamentals of each of these 2019 predictions and is available for download from the GP Bullhound website. It is a recommended reading if some of these predictions "itch you". Also available is a 2 minute video summary in English.

In advance, we share a couple of brush strokes.

  • Tech in retail gets smarter ("Retail technology gets smarter")
Data: 61% of consumers prefer brands with physical stores. 58% of consumers use the phone to look up product information while in stores. 40% of consumers would pay more for a product if they could experience it in Augmented Reality (AR).

The vision is that physical stores have not died, they are a great platform to improve the sales experience and we are working on this, both by applying Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) techniques and developing conversational systems that learn from interaction with customers to offer highly assistance. personalized. It is happening.

  • The battle for the last mile in home delivery is served ("Last mile delivery going the distance").
Data: 56% of young buyers expect delivery on the day. 53% of shipping costs occur within the last mile of home delivery.

Amazon's dominant position is being debated by its competitors through delivery models based on collaboration and gratification ("crowdsourced delivery"), creating networks of urban warehouses, involving employees in the delivery on their trips or applying big data techniques to "guess" what else they are going to buy according to the delivery routes (and pre-load it in the vans).

From GP Bullhound they see last mile delivery as a sore spot that is receiving considerable attention from retailers. The battle is served.


In sum, the presentation on GP Bullhound's predictions as to what technological trends are going to beep in 2019 was interesting and well founded. Logically, we have lacked time to contrast them with the IT megatrends on which we have supported our Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Program en Panel Sistemas.

The IT megatrends of interest to us are:
Inmotics and IoT, Smart cities, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Big data

With these references, through this Program we are supporting the discovery of differentiating business ideas and projects with the aim of developing new markets and business models. About this question, you can contact us through this form, or on the account

An exciting journey that we invite you to share!


Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at Analysis. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.

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