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We help you establish a realistic and tailored strategy to adopt new technologies and modernize your applications at your own pace, guiding you towards change firmly but surely.


Why Panel?


We understand what value our clients expect, helping them with their digital transformation and technological evolution needs. Digital transformation.


We deliver value as soon as possible, with solutions and software applications working. Engineering and software development.


We put the solutions into production as soon as possible, complying with processes of continuous change and demanding delivery times. DevOps - Automation.


We ensure the sustainability, security and future maintainability of the software. Quality eXperience - Cybersecurity.


The client quickly obtains results, and makes a return on his investment as soon as possible.



    We understand the value our customers expect

    And we deliver it as soon as possible, to obtain results quickly and make your investment profitable as soon as possible.

    We revitalize our clients' business

    With a realistic strategy adapted to large projects, complying with the expected functionality, deadline and budget, and ensuring the success of the project through constant collaboration between the client and the team.

    We rely on our Innovation and Entrepreneurship areas

    To discover new markets together, and develop new models of services and products that are disruptive, differentiating and based on emerging technologies.

    We devise, prototype and validate solutions

    To find the fit in the target market of our clients.

    We design and build innovative technological solutions

    Through advanced technologies and working under agile models of collaboration with our clients.

    We transform the management of teams and organizations

    Promoting the cultural shift towards digital.

    We apply competitive outsourcing and project management strategies

    Helping our clients optimize their resources and focus on their business.

    We optimize business processes through robotization.

    Because automation is the most powerful catalyst in any transformative process in a company.

    We transform decision making in organizations

    Thanks to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions and models.

    We know the business processes

    We have experience in solving the particular problems and challenges faced by different Industries today.

    Can we help you?

    If you are in a project of change or technological transformation, tell us about your challenge.

    The change starts with TI.