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We help you establish a realistic and tailored strategy to adopt new technologies and modernize your applications at your own pace, guiding you towards change firmly but surely.


Why Panel?


We understand what value our clients expect, helping them with their digital transformation and technological evolution needs. Digital transformation - Technological innovation


We deliver value as soon as possible, with solutions and software applications working. Engineering and software development. - Cloud & infrastructure services - Data & Analytics - Artificial Intelligence


We put the solutions into production as soon as possible, complying with processes of continuous change and demanding delivery times. DevOps - Automation.


We ensure the sustainability, security and future maintainability of the software. Quality eXperience - Cybersecurity.


The client quickly obtains results, and makes a return on his investment as soon as possible.




    Business experience and knowledge

    We have experience in solving the particular problems and challenges faced by different Industries today.

    We promote cultural change

    We accompany you in the integration and adaptation of team transformation models, facilitating the cultural change towards digital within the organization.
    Digital transformation

    We understand the value our customers expect

    And we deliver it as soon as possible, to obtain results quickly and make your investment profitable as soon as possible.

    We revitalize your business in a realistic way

    We adapt to your technological transformation and modernization project with a realistic and tailored strategy, guiding you towards change in a firm but safe way.

    Agile and efficient collaboration

    We offer contractual frameworks based on Agile Outsourcing, and we work under a collaborative work culture aligned with your business objectives.
    IT Managed Services

    Technological innovation

    We rely on our Innovation and Entrepreneurship areas to discover new markets together, and develop new disruptive services and products.
    Technological innovation

    We design and build advanced solutions

    We implement the most appropriate technological enablers to boost your digital transformation: digital application development, customer experience, cloud solutions, data & analytics  I artificial intelligence.

    Data-Driven culture and strategy

    We are committed to a transformation driven by data, with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions and models that will enhance strategic decision making in your organization.
    Data & Artificial Intelligence

    We optimize business processes through robotization.

    Because automation is the most powerful catalyst in any transformative process in a company.
    RPA automation

    Can we help you?

    If you are in a project of change or technological transformation, tell us about your challenge.

    The change starts with TI.