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Test automation against WebServices with SoapUI

When we work with WebServices one of our main concerns is that everything works in a correct way. That's why all of us spend a lot of our time stress testing our work to verify that it is sound code before making the delivery to our clients or putting it definitively on our production server.

Otherwise we may run into unwanted and unexpected errors, lost revenue due to production failures, and the inevitable calls from unhappy customers.

To carry out these tests, our colleague Javier López Delgado tells us in this video about a complete tool such as SOAP, a system capable of helping us verify the robustness of our code by automating tests, which supports the main web protocols and is also very easy and intuitive to use.

SOLID-small principles

With SoapUI we can:

  • Identify problems before they appear
  • Identify complex casuistry, which in the first instance would be “invisible” but which at some point could fail.
  • Facilitate our workflow, helping us to avoid chain failures and rule out causes of errors.
  • Perform mocks, and simulate responses from the server.
  • Carry out load tests, stressing the server and seeing how it behaves.


To make an introduction to SoapUI we leave you this video of one of the last talks we had within the 101 Panel Tech Days, where thanks to Javier we will learn the basics to carry out a good test exercise. We will know the structure of a SoapUI project and we will see the three types of existing functional tests: Suits, Cases and Steps. Through the practical exercises we will analyze how SoapUI can help us in our test automation. In addition, we will simulate sending and receiving of request and we will see how the different results are displayed depending on what we ask our WebService.

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Panel Testing - Center of Excellence

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