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Test automation with

by | November 10 2020 | Automation

Test automation with

We close this month of October with a new 101 Panel Tech Days #From home which you can not miss.

On this occasion, our colleague from PanelSergio Saez, he told us about, a tool of test automation free and open source, written in JavaScript. allows us to automate the end-to-end tests of "everything that runs in a browser", quickly and without the need to import libraries as it includes libraries of assertions. is not based on Selenium, it is developed under its own architecture, and it gives us an environment for our javascript code and the possibility of executing it in real time.

So if you want to know more about this powerful tool, we invite you to participate in this talk. We saw how to install Cypress, the bases on which its operation is based and of course, we ran some first tests to see it in action!


SQA automation

The person in charge of offering us this # 101PanelTechDays was our partner in Panel, Sergio Saez Reviriego

Hello! I am Sergio Sáez, graduated in Telecommunications. I started in the world of software development with Panel, and we are going to meet together for two years.

During this time I have specialized in software testing (SQA). I have worked in quality control in different projects: GAS2MOVE, ATAM, Orange TV… I am currently working on the Telefónica Onthespot project, and one of my roles here is test automation with, which I will be delighted to do. to show you all its possibilities in this 101. I hope it helps you!

All the information about the 101 Panel Tech Days

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Panel Sistemas

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