Specialised services for the Telecommunications sector

Panel has enjoyed the recognition and trust of the main Telecommunications Operators in Spain for more than 15 years.
We have collaborated in the development, maintenance and testing of many of the management applications and systems of an Operator that give support to critical processes: Billing, Pre-Sales, Network Management, Provisioning, Inventory Management, etc.




We are leaders in OCS (Online Charging System) for pan-European Telecommunications Services operators and providers, with extensive experience in the development of OCS platform software, the redesign and roadmap for adapting to the new eTOM standards, also offering 24×7 coverage for L2 and L3 support and maintenance with worldwide scope.

We have specialised knowledge in signalling protocols, network activation, Telecommunications service charging and the development of real-time mass, complex processes.



We are pioneers in the comprehensive redesign of IT Systems based on process reengineering from a strategic vision compatible with eTOM.

We have specialised knowledge in eTOM Pre-Sales, Sales, Workforce and Provisioning processes, applying the principles of our environmentally friendly manufacturing in software construction and of the technology stack that supports eTOM transformation.

We also have specialised knowledge of Systems Testing and Certification, applying SQA throughout the life cycle.



At Panel we know that the commercial offering of a Telco company is critical to market positioning, and dynamic marketing processes are required in order to reduce the implementation times of that commercial offering.

At Panel we participate with our clients in the management and definition of procedures and systems that facilitate commercial parameterisation and testing, in different countries, for the most dynamic and demanding market sectors: Telco and Media.



We have over 15 years’ experience in the evolutive, corrective and preventive maintenance of all the Provisioning and Inventory Systems of an operator’s Network, both fixed and mobile.


Development of Ericsson’s Revenue Manager product.

In Panel, we collaborate with our client Ericsson in the design and evolution of his Revenue Manager product, with a Big Data philosophy in which the processing is real-time, highly configurable and scalable.

Software Quality Assurance services (SQA) for Telefonica Onthespot.

Panel has began to collaborate with Telefonica Onthespot in Software Quality Assurance and Testing services of the company’s commercial products of Digital Marketing and Ambiance Music.

PRIME nodes management and monitoring system for Iberdrola.

Panel has collaborated with Iberdrola, through our client Ericsson, on a project for the development of a management system and monitoring of PRIME nodes (PowerLine Intelligent Metering Evolution) within Iberdrola’s electricity network.

AltamirA, Ericsson’s Prepaid Service Charging System

Panel collaborates with Ericsson since 2011 as its main technological ally in the development of the AltamirA software, the real-time Charging Platform of the Telefónica Group’s Prepaid Management System.

HPSA, the HPE service enabler.

We collaborate with our client, HPE in the development of the HPSA product, the HP software platform for the activation and provision of network services.

eTOM TELCO 3.0. Transformation for Telefónica de España

Panel was the provider chosen by Telefonica as pioneer in the conceptual testing and definition of the methodology to build the Software Projects consistently with the new transformation philosophy in Telco 3.0., the strategic eTOM Transformation project for Telefonica.

Systems Testing and Certification for Telefónica de España.

For years, Panel has led the Systems Testing, Implementation and Certification Service of the Information Systems Division of Telefónica de España. It was probably the most ambitious outsourcing project undertaken in Spain to date in Software Quality due to its size and scope.