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Summary of the VLCTesting22: optimism, knowledge and debate in SQA.

And the time has come! Two full days dedicated to Software Quality y more than 1.000 attendees (400 of them in person), united by the same vocation: to improve and apply honesty and common sense to the software creation process, in the difficult mission of generating sustainable and reliable applications and systems.

From here we want to share our experience as sponsors for the first time in the event #VLCTesting22, who is already going for his Edition 12 and what had more than 25 talks distributed in 2 days, the first fully face-to-face, and the second online in streaming format, including presentations from across the pond.

Constructive debate and good networking

VLCTesting consolidates one more year as the largest software testing festival in Spain, backed by a large community of professionals and specialists who share interests, knowledge and conversations around the Testing and Software Quality Assurance (SQA).

In this edition we have been able to confirm the strengths of this sector in Spain, and that it has a huge pull in Latin America, where there is still much and good to be done. In fact, in its own evolutionary process, new and interesting perspectives arise around SQA that all of us who have attended have had the opportunity to comment and explore.

We have also been able to verify that the Testing community is open more than ever to innovation. The diversification of QA companies and professionals who have attended, and the new value proposals, tools, techniques and good practices that have been present, have made this event personally and professionally enriching for everyone. The adrenaline you need to get into orbit again and return home with a very valuable cargo of ideas and advice that you have to digest, order and analyze!

In addition, for many of us it has been our first major post-pandemic event in person. Personal contact was already missing, so we have been able to truly enjoy an ideal environment to share knowledge and experiences in a relaxed and constructive way.

To the fullest with the ZAHORÍ demos at our stand

The talks: exchanging value

It must be said that the level of the presentations during the first day, in which there was only one track, was a bit uneven. But with few exceptions, the level was excellent and there were keynote speeches. We also highlight the high level of the speakers on the second day, which greatly compensated for the exhaustion of the audience after two dizzying days. A ten to the organizers for broadcasting it online and publishing the talks to reach as many people as possible.

Of all the talks, we highlight without a doubt:

  • The authentic pure oxygen that the reflections of Piper Sunday y Javier Garzas in his Wednesday Keynote, "There are no two without test«. Excellent communicators and agitators of the event at the worst possible time, focusing on teams and people, causing laughter and laughter, and making us reflect deeply on the complexity of working with people.
  • The apparent enmity between "agile" and Testing how well he knew how to denounce, and document, Joaquin Suarez. Above all, for his proposal of solutions and for making us see that some of the things we already do have a name. His talk had a lot of criticism, although it was also highly defended. 100% recommendable.
  • Find out how various experts are applying AI to the SQA process, from different perspectives, such as the talks of Txus Blasco of Amaris, or Paul Manso, from MTP. Highly recommended, for example, to predict results and reduce, or prioritize, the number of tests necessary to run.
  • Enter the discussion of integration of QA activities in Development Teams, and how it affects the composition of the Work Teams, with the "controversial" talk of David Torres y Carlos Sánchez, from The Hotels Networks. It generated some outrage among many of the attendees in the room, but also great and valuable conversations afterwards. Thank you for having the courage to give this talk at an event like this.
  • The good taste in the mouth that they left us Manuel Alagarda, Lorenzo Martínez y Luis Fernandez with “The best ideas to sabotage your tests”.
  • Get excited about new approaches such as the SQA in the Metaverse, Belén Montes, although the talk promised more than it finally delivered.
  • And of course ours? “Automate well but look with whom”, a constant evocation of the past, experiences, laughter and despair, with brilliant communication and freshness at the hands of our comrades Javier Lopez-Camacho y Jorge Merino. It's wrong for us to say it, but it was a lesson of learning, of decisions made (good and bad), that made the public identify and that all the accumulated fatigue of the two days was worth it.
“Automate well but look with whom”

Constructive debate and good networking

No doubt of VLCTesting22 we get a lot of good networking, with people who know what they are talking about and with a wave of knowledge and management level quite similar to ours.

As sponsors, we have tried to make known the value of our flagship product in test automation, Zahorí, as well as our vision and experience in the field of execution of SQA projects in complex environments. We decided to go with a good number of members of the Panel team, and the experience, as always, with the colleagues and assistants is the best thing that we took back home.

We also get a constructive discussion, disparate points of view that have made us reflect, and a lot of topics in the head that we want to delve into. We take the "imposter syndrome" a little more handcuffed. Much exchange of experiences with our alter ego, most of the times to praise or complain about the same things, but many others to start a discussion in all its splendor about aspects related to QA.

And above all, we take the team growth: Sharing this type of event with people you work with on a daily basis undoubtedly enriches the projects in which we collaborate.

Lastly, I would like to thank the entire team at ITI Technological Center their brilliant work organizing the event, to Maximilian Mannise for leading it and promoting it with that freshness and very high level of specialization, Alicia jimenez for making us feel at home before, during and after our presentation. It should be noted that they have carefully attended to all our requests and needs (with special mention to the heat that we suffered in the stands, although they kept us sufficiently hydrated?)

So, we only have to think about the 363 days left to be there next year!!

Of course, we will take merchandising fans for what can happen?

We leave you here the link to all the presentations of the event published by the ITI on its YouTube channel:

(This article has been written by the QA and Panel Testing area team that attended the event: Belén Gómez, Rodrigo Gómez, Maria Dolores Guerrero, Javier López-Camacho, Jorge Merino, Enrique Pavón and José Turégano).

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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