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Summary of Tarugo3 - Everything is possible

Life smiles at us. We have been able to experience the third edition of the Tarugoconf, Tarugo3, «the event on design, construction and commercialization of technology that we always like to attend». Are you interested in knowing what happened? Normal, but as the capacity was very limited (about 200 people) I encourage you to keep the pressure on -the organization- so that some type of access is enabled on the videos of the talks. They deserve it.

Tarugo3's motto has been
because, from humility and prudence,
we believe that in these times
optimism is revolutionary.

The Tarugo3 has been a diamond with its many facets, worked with care until obtaining a brilliant result. Facets ranging from personal growth to business development, through software economics, technological discovery, business sustainability or recruitment. And octopus, a lot of octopus. In short, ambitious, exhaustive, fun, exciting, exhausting… What to say! Without a doubt, a privilege and a joy that Panel Sistemas contribute as a sponsor to Tarugoconf 2018.

Summary Sponsors # tarugo3

Tarugo3 Sponsors Summary


By the way, a few days later I returned to the auditorium of Madrid campus to attend an event about Virtual Assistants and chatbots in the Tourism sector (here a summary article) and I have checked to what extent the level of vibrations changes David Bonilla and his team they are capable of generating in that same room. Without a doubt, living the Tarugoconf is a brutal experience.

Speaking of experiences, vibrant staging of the new UNICORN card game ("A fierce fight for the rainbow triumph that your Startup deserves"). A priceless condensate of knowledge in entrepreneurship with which we can experience the ups and downs of moving our startup forward. Exceptional!

As for the talks properly, without intending to be exhaustive, I will tell you that from the hand of Alvaro Videla I have discovered intense reflections on effort and personal growth; with the humility of knowing how to set honest goals with oneself, but with the conviction and ambition necessary to overcome the obstacles that we will always encounter. A true hero's journeybook: The Hero with a Thousand Faces) that manages to return to promote the community with the PeachConf.

Technological discovery

Regarding technological discovery we had Cynthia Galvez and Andres Torrubia. Cynthia captivated us with her passion for Augmented Reality (AR), skillfully depicting the history and existing technical landscape. He also showed us notable use cases, such as assisting the surgeon in precision operations, along with his recommendations for success with AR projects. Do not hesitate to contact her and ask for them, the orientation is assured.

What to say about Andrés Torrub-IA? The closeness with which he instructed us about deep learning. He showed us that we have the means to learn and compete globally in deep learning, although his is -very- out of scale. A benchmark for incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our business initiatives. Go!

Business sustainability

Within the framework of business sustainability we include Esther alonso, who explained to us the business model of As a basis he recommended us always act from the «Why» (in reference to Simon Sinek's golden circle), which in his case is practicing independent journalism. Thus, differentiating themselves by content as a strategy and taking care of their subscribers, they have achieved that their financing is 40% partners - 60% advertising ... and they continue to work on it, always from the "why". A discovery.

Continuing with sustainability, Hadi hariri He revealed to us how JetBrains works to sell its products to "technicians, programmers and other dangerous species." His final summary says it all: “To sell weirdos, don't sell. You have to educate, inspire, so that person is better and feels better using our products. That is, to offer a product that inspires its users, that makes them feel better, so that they are enthusiasts of the product, its best ambassadors. As a starting point he recommended the book "Badass: Making Users Awesome" by Kathy Sierra. Works.

People are the cornerstone of companies and their sustainability. Justyna adamczyk He condemned his experience as a Tech recruiter by insisting on controlling biases ("For me, what helps the most to minimize bias in the selection processes is to justify the decision"), train the interviewers, and maximize the experience lived by each candidate ( "Make the Rejects Enchanted"). As the first differentiating action: take care of the follow-up ("feedback") and as a basis have a process that involves everyone. Valuable

Software economics

The talk of the three tenors of the software economy, Luis Artola, David Gonzalez, and Guillermo Gutierrez analyzed various techniques that can be applied during software construction (automate, refactor, partner work and adaptive architecture), establishing relationships with the added value, cost, mitigated risk and the debt paid by each of them, because ...

BEFORE (investing in)
[automate, refactor, work in pairs or adopt an adaptive architecture]:

In short, a very revealing job since there are no universal technical solutions and everything has a cost, then you have to analyze the risks, uncertainties, objectives and returns to be achieved before getting down to work. A great continuation of the inspiring talk that Luis and Guillermo gave us at the CAS2015: Software economics and dependencies: decoupled software dilemmas. Warning: They enter the exam!

Business development

Personally, the talk of Daniel López on "How to make money giving software away" is the one that struck me the most. I loved how he told us about his career path, I loved his career path, and I loved the 12 lessons learned during his career. A joy.

As a summary, I think we can only contribute something by directly sharing those 12 lessons and reviewing that each of them has a lot, a lot of foundation.


By the way, going back to enabling access to the talks ;-), in addition to the guarantee of having had people from Authentic recording the sessions of the Tarugo3, Tutellus explained his novel decentralized teaching business model that allows them to distribute videos from their teaching platform based on the purchase and sale of tokens such as rights to courses or teachers. An interesting proposal that could serve as a platform for those talks that require some control in their dissemination (it is an idea).

Furthermore, in this edition the remote headquarters format has been released from Valencia and Huesca, a pilot experience ("Tarugoconf-in-a-box") that opens a door to hope to break the physical limits of the main room. Keeping the Tarugoconf essence will be the challenge.

There was even more, like the entertaining pulpeirada, the visual summaries of Xavier Alonso, the previous day full of practical workshops plus the re-release of the film "War Games" or the day after (the "Saturday tarugo") with a private visit to the Archaeological Museum and picnic in the Retiro. Much and good.

In closing I have to thank and congratulate the Tarugoequipo for a sensational job, the volunteering is luxurious and David + Candela know how to materialize that excellence in every second of the Tarugoconf. Chapeau!

The Tarugo3 has finished
Up to a # Tarugo4 with double the capacity
Long live the Tarugoconf!


The fabulous team @tarugoconf


Accreditation @ mnicolao11 Tarugo3



Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at Analysis. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.

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  1. lorraine castle

    @ mnicolao11, thanks for sharing! Today's conversation, along with this summary, has been very enriching. Indeed, it would be a luxury to have access to the videos of the talks.


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