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This is the new Panel headquarters in Josefa Valcárcel 9

15 November 2021

The civil works of the new Panel offices have already been completed. After several months of hard work, the new space where we will develop our activity is almost ready to be inaugurated.

The new Panel building, on calle Josefa Valcárcel nº 9, will be exclusively occupied by us and will allow us to have a working environment more comfortable for our professionals, eliminating barriers, promoting more collaborative environments, and with a new and renewed image.

We believe that this space will be a new meeting point for the professionals who make up Panel, where they can share, talk, learn and teach.

The offices have a space for Sqm 1.300 approximately in total, distributed in 5 floors, a sufficient space for current and future occupation needs, considering the current Flexible Telework Policies in the company. The distribution of jobs in «open area«, Are distributed in the perimeter areas of each plant to make the most of the building's natural light, and the common use spaces that serve each floor have been located in the center of the space so as not to obstruct the views over Madrid from the workstations.

In addition, the new headquarters has 15 glass rooms, Points of Coffee Corner and Print Corner on each floor, a creative multifunctional area for demos, meetings and events, and many informal open zones y rest points, to promote collaboration, creativity, well-being and teamwork. We also have a small landscaped outdoor space that we can enjoy in good weather.

Also, thanks to our software Kalena for the management of spaces and visits, we have one Fully automated reception. An innovative, unique and differential space that, through the implementation of a software application and the architectural redesign of the physical space, significantly improves many of the current internal processes thanks to the automation of tasks such as managing and attending to visits, making appointments. with candidates, the management of the spaces, the security in the access to the facilities, etc. Our Kalena software also allows us to radvance reservation of stalls, rooms, parking spaces and in general any resource That can be reserved when it is required to go to the offices.

We share below one Photo gallery and short videos like "Before & After" about our new headquarters on Calle Josefa Valcárcel 9. Enjoy it!

Photo Gallery

Videos Before & After

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

For any additional information, contact us via e-mail at this address.
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