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Results of the latest Customer Satisfaction Survey


For Panel, knowing the satisfaction of our Clients with the services provided, and to what degree we have managed to provide the VALUE they expect, is vital in our business strategy and constitutes one of the pilarIt is fundamental in our commitment to Quality.

Therefore, the Satisfaction survey It is a fundamental element that allows us to periodically analyze the level of satisfaction of our Clients, and identify points of improvement in the provision of our services.

Next, we offer a short summary of the results of the last Survey carried out during the month of February 2020.



This year's participation in the Survey has improved substantially. Have more client companies represented in the sample, 36,7%, and more questionnaires have been received than other years.


Satisfaction level obtained.

The questionnaire consists of 13 questions about the degree of satisfaction of our customers with the service provided. The Answers are on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest value and 5 the highest value: 

    1. Not acceptable
    2. Below expectations
    3. Meets expectations
    4. Good
    5. Excellent

La Average score achieved in 2020 was 4,5 points out of 5, the highest in recent years. We reached a level of satisfaction "Very Satisfied" at 100%. That is to say, no one has scored below 4 points to the general question about your “Global satisfaction with the services provided by Panel". 

By client company, almost all maintain or improve the score with respect to previous years, although we have not been able to compare historical data in all cases, since there are new clients in 2020 in the sample received.









By customer seniority, notably improves satisfaction in the range of 3 to 5 years. By type of main Service, highlights the significant increase in satisfaction in the services of Software development and evolutionary maintenance, and the services of Software quality and Testing. None of the services is scored below 4 points.

With respect to each of the characteristics of the service provided, the average rating of almost all of them is equal to or greater than previous years. No respondent has given a score less than 3 points to any of the questions in the questionnaire.


The best valued attributes of the Service, which has received an average score of more than 4,5 points, are «Understanding the customer's needs", the "Team professionalism" and the "Technical qualification of the equipment«. Likewise, when comparing each attribute of the service with the importance given to it by our clients, we find a possible focus for improvement in the "Value for money", since our clients give it a greater importance than the valuation they have given us.


Best rated service attributes (> 4,5 out of 5 points)



Finally, we leave you anonymously some of the comments and opinions that our clients have left us. From here we want to thank everyone for their participation in the Survey, because their answers will be of great help to us to better understand the needs and preferences of our customers, and thus improve our service:


What do our clients value the most?


We highlight your link and commitment to our company.



It is a very competent human team.



The attention and complicity; they always accompany us in the achievement of the objectives.



His involvement in the objectives of the company, and a very careful treatment with the motivation of people.



The professionalism of the team, the ability to adapt to the varying needs of the business and the close treatment that makes us all one team.



The personalized treatment, the attention, and its agile response to new needs.




Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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