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Interview with Javier López Camacho in the AEC Quality Magazine.

In number II-2023 of the Magazine published by the Spanish Association for Quality, you can find the interview with Javier López-Camacho Pinto, co-founder & business director of Panel, after having received on October 20th the FFUTURO Innovation Award 2023 in the form of Open Innovation, with our initiative in services and solutions to make DevSecOps effective, EVOLTRUE.

This FFUTURO Open Innovation Award It is aimed at recognizing a project developed by an organization in collaboration with startups and other agents of innovation, with great economic impact, new business opportunities, creation of new technologies. or promotion of sustainability.

Below, we leave you an excerpt from the interview that Javier conducted after the award ceremony:


Quality Magazine: Describe us briefly, where does the need to launch the “EVOLTRUE” project come from?

Xavier Lopez: Every year, companies suffer numerous attacks due to failures or vulnerabilities in their software applications, which causes great economic and reputational damage. There is no point in making investments in security infrastructure if the application is developed without cybersecurity criteria.

Thus, with the launch of Evolttrue seeks to achieve that the development teams and the organization as a whole think of security as a competitive necessity, implementing a DevSecOps strategy adapted to the needs of each team, that does not generate delays in projects, that protects the real Time To Market and does not divert the development, infrastructure and business teams from their objectives.


With Evolttrue we aim to offer a sustainable way
to increase software security levels,
to all companies whose business processes
depend on computer applications


Quality Magazine: What do you want to achieve with this project?

Xavier Lopez: With the launch of Evoltrue we intend to offer a sustainable way to increase software security levels to all companies whose business processes depend on computer applications. For it, we have created a framework of tools aimed at introducing reasonable changes in software development processes. The goal is to evolve towards a more secure application ecosystem naturally.

Quality Magazine: Almost finishing, tell us about the team that has participated in the project and in the personal learning.

Xavier Lopez: This initiative is part of the union of two companies that provide knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in the development of complex applications and systems, on the one hand, and cybersecurity and ethical hacking on the other. At Evoltrue, both have built a team of Secure Development specialists focused on helping address the risks inherent in insecure applications from a creative, constructive, and people-centered point of view.

Quality Magazine: Finally, what are the next steps you plan to take from PANEL SISTEMAS after the learnings obtained?

Xavier Lopez: We intend to continue raising awareness and transparent communication about the most appropriate means to improve the security of ecosystems, systems and applications.. We are very aware that the result of our work is the result of the work of people who collaborate in teams, within a structure that is often complex and that requires intelligent work in 3 basic lines of action: safety culture, methodologies that are applied and the tools available on the market for this.


Calidad Magazine - Interview Javier López Camacho


You can download the full interview here: Interview with Javier López – PanelSistemas

You can also consult the rest of the contents of the Quality Magazine published by the AEC at this link: Quality Magazine 2023 No. II

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