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Qlik Nprinting, reports that fall in love

by | 26 May 2020 | Data & AI

Dare to ask yourself: Why not change the way we work with the data we have? If you think about it carefully, new technologies emerge, new ways of communicating, new threats, etc., but we remain the same when it comes to handling the most valuable that there is in a company: the data.

With the tools that we have been using, we work in a correct way, we survive, but we do not fully exploit all that information that we ALREADY have, because we do not have the appropriate tools. Come on, we explain how to get it with Qlik Sense + Nprinting!

Undoubtedly, the amount of data that can be handled within a company is of a considerable volume, but we must be clear that I recognizepilar» the data is far from «understanding» the data. For that reason, together with Qlik, we advocate to drive "Data literacy", that is, that employees have the necessary knowledge to understand the language of the data and thus be able to discover the answer to the unknowns that have arisen and that, no matter how much we looked before, we did not see because we were in the dark.


Data processing not very agile

In our trajectory as a team of Data & Analytics We have experienced how businesses that have spent years and years working on data with non-agile tools have experienced their productivity accelerated thanks to the apps that we have created for them with Qlik Sense.

But it was not all done. They continued to encounter an obstacle that condemned several colleagues to continue using the eeeeteeeernaaaas Excel tables, and days (if not weeks) dedicated to assembling and fine-tuning THE REPORTS.

Any business that has a significant volume of budgets, expenses and income, ends up pulling a series of reports to be able to make a complete follow-up of each area that concerns the company. What do you do then? The easy thing, creating reports of pages and pages that cause Diogenes syndrome or simply an ineffective system of data visualization, which after all is the opposite of what we need.

Anyone who deals with reports knows that there are several people who participate in the documents from which the data that we are going to reflect on our sheets is based, whether in table, graph or written mode. This then creates the doubts that usually come up in meetings: Is this data correct? Of course, whoever has done it defends it vehemently, but that uncomfortable doubt will always remain, because who has not missed a number or a formula that was not entirely correct?

Well, thanks to Qlik Nprinting We create reports with the assurance that in each report generated the data is correct, without debate. It is an excellent - and unknown - Qlik Sense plugin. The trick: if we know that the dashboards we use in our day-to-day life are reliable, how can the data that appears in the report not be, if it is being fed from the same source? As simple as that!


Reports that fall in love

Also, if we already have an app in Qlik Sense or Qlik View that is showing us the data we need, with Qlik Nprinting we will be able to create attractive, stable and easy-to-distribute reports. We can build it identical to the one that has been painstakingly generated previously, or we can even improve it: with more information, with new graphs or tables that help better the analysis and with an excellent visual quality.

The reports can also be generated in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, to be able to continue working on them on that basis, for example, in the case of wanting to add something more last minute. But there is also the possibility of being able to create them directly in PDF: ready to eat.

Add to this an extreme facility to distribute the reports, another great strength. From sending by mail, to consumption on demand via web or mobile and with the histories we need. Information in hand, when we need it, wherever we are.

We have already told you how much you can advance, ensure and improve the performance in the generation and distribution of reports, a usually arduous task. Let's go back to the question from the beginning Are we still without wanting to change the way we work with the data we have?

Go ahead, investigate or get in touch with us. We can show you how Qlik Sense is skyrocketing data productivity, or you can even risk falling in love with Qlik Nprinting reports. It will be a real crush!


Raquel Diaz

Raquel Diaz

Raquel works as a data engineer in Panel's Data & Analytics area. You can contact her via e-mail or visit your profile at LinkedIn

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