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On-demand software testing service for Santander Global Tech

We provide a testing service to ensure, automate and certify the Quality of the Software delivered at Santander Global Tech.

Integrating ourselves into agile teams and work cycles, and integrating SDET specialists into Agile teams to provide a Software Testing Service adapted to variable demand.


The Santander Global Tech team is working for Santander to become the best open platform for digital financial services.


They act as the engine of the company's digital transformation from the conviction of the importance of aligning technology with business needs.

In particular, to ensure the quality of the software in iterative and incremental cycles ("sprints") of weeks and in accordance with Santander Global Tech standards, it requires people capable of talking and consuming the information of the development teams, as well as that they are very solvent in the implementation and automation of tests. In short, they are called SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) specialists.

The SDET specialist can be considered as a developer whose function is to ensure that each Sprint is released with the appropriate software quality, using SQA and automation techniques for regressions.


Panel has the organization and resources necessary to provide testing, testing or quality assurance services for software under factory models.


To ensure that the people involved with Santander Global Tech teams have the necessary training at their disposal, Panel has set up a tailored Training Office, supported by its team of experts with solid knowledge in SQA, automation and application certification.

We control the quality of the software delivered through testing services in all activities of the software life cycle and ensure it through process test automation strategies.

Panel also offers support for the adaptation of the ecosystem of tools to the needs of the different development teams and the integration of the SQA methodology throughout the software life cycle.

For the development of this service, Agile methodology has been used in sprints of 2 to 4 weeks, with an initial ratio of 1 SDET for each development team (“Development Team”) that is evolving to 1 SDET for every 3 development people.

Panel's experience in Lean and Agile methodologies has made it possible to reinforce the transformation plan the client is in, providing methodological improvements.


SQA & Testing in Agile work cycles

DevOps - Continuous Integration


Postman | SoapUI | Micro Focus UFT | Selenium | Behavior-drive Development (BDD) with Behave

Python | Test-driven Development (TDD) with Talos (SGT's own Framework)


Agile methodology, with special focus on frequent deployment involving multidisciplinary teams


QA in Agile delivery cycles

Technological innovation

Demanding TTM (Time to Market)

Assurance with TDD from functional definition in BDD

Teams with technological diversity


Strengthen the SQA capacity of your development teams according to variable demand and iterative cycles.

Have a specialized service in SQA and test automation trained to apply BDD and TDD.

Consolidate your ecosystem of tools for SQA.

Establish and automate Quality Doors aligned with SGT's work methodology.

Evolve in the ratio of SDET specialists for each developer. Initially it was 1 SDET for every 6/7, and it is evolving to 1 SDET for every 3 people.