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Automation of application tests for Instituto de Empresa

IE Business School is the business school of IE University and is recognized as one of the leading business schools in the world.

We collaborate with IE Business School since 2018 in the automation of tests of different applications with our software Zahorí.


IE Business School proposed a collaboration with them for the automation of tests of different applications.


IE Business School's first need was the functional validation of different applications (OPP -On Boarding Process Platform- and Wow Room, which showed new needs, since after the first experiences IE Business School was aware of the need to have a QA's own methodology and a solution that would allow automating tests to accelerate the production start-up cycle.

There was also a need to extend QA beyond the functional scope, so that it could be anticipated if the performance of different applications (OPP, LMS for the OMT based on GraspWay and Wow Room) was necessary to provide the desired level of service. .


The application of Panel application test automation solution.


The application of the application test automation solution Zahorí It is implemented by a multidisciplinary team capable of integrating into development teams, in areas of specialization such as SQA methodology, manual testing, automation or performance testing.

Specifically in the field of Zahorí, the automation of regression tests was carried out on the CORE functionalities of an online teaching platform and the development was reused to support manual evolutionary tests in situations in which it was necessary to increase the number of concurrent users on the platform.

Zahorí It has made it easier for IE to reuse code, and it has allowed it to have quality metrics.


Software Quality Assurance and Testing with Zahorí®


Visual Studio Team Services | Front Web Applications + REST API | .NET

AzureDevOps | test link | JMeter | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Automating application testing with Zahorí®


Panel SQA Methodology

Agile methodologies involving the development team


SQA culture and methodology

Demanding TTM (Time to Market)

Good DevOps practices


Improvement in measurement and analysis by obtaining quality metrics on your suppliers.

High degree of automation thanks to test automation with Zahorí on client.

Improved application performance.

Implementation of a QA methodology.

A test automation solution to speed up the go-to-production cycle.