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Financial Entity: functional payment cycle

Coverage of the functional payment cycle for a Spanish financial institution.

Panel has collaborated for years with one of the most important financial entities nationwide in the coverage service of the entire functional payment cycle.


Adaptation and compliance with the new international payment regulations such as SEPA.


One of the main problems faced by the client was the adaptation and compliance with the new international payment regulations such as SEPA, and there was insufficient TTM.

The payment entry technology environment is constantly evolving, and there were significant operational differences in each country. Likewise, the complexity of interoperability with third parties, such as chambers, central banks and regulatory bodies, was very high, and there was an excessive dependence on certain product providers, such as Clear2Pay and Remittances. Lastly, the solutions on the client were departmental, not global, making end-to-end testing more complex.


Adaptation to SEPA, and a comprehensive end-to-end test plan was executed.


The solution adopted by the client was, in the first place, the integration of the Clear2Pay commercial payment platform in the bank's systems, adapting the main components of the product to their own reality.

Next, the adaptation to SEPA was addressed, and a comprehensive end-to-end test plan was implemented, including the automation of functional tests, all with a new customer-supplier relationship model.

Panel's value proposition in this project is based on our specialization in the Clear2Pay platform and our extensive knowledge of payment regulations.


The parameterization and deployment of the Clear2Pay platform in different countries.

24 × 7 coverage to support and maintenance N1 and N2 of the platform, with worldwide reach.

Improves SQA, including the design, execution, and automation of end-to-end tests with Zahorí.

Support for the redesign and new roadmap of the platform to adapt to the new payment standards.

Deployment of the solution in the different banks of the group, in different countries.