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CGAE: development of the electronic file of free justice

The General Council of Spanish Lawyers is a professional public law corporation that brings together the professional associations of lawyers in Spain.

Panel has been a technological partner since 2004 of Red Abogacía, the technological infrastructure of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, and since then we have participated in the development and modernization of its entire Technological Platform.


New functionalities in the modernization process of the technological platform.


As a technological partner of Red Abogacía since 2004, the technological infrastructure of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers wants to continue with the modernization process of its entire technological platform with new functionalities such as the electronic file, a vital tool in the day to day of the Spanish bar associations, which will have to manage thousands of files daily on digital help and better solutions for citizens' rights.


The joint development between RedAbogacía and the Electronic File Panel.


The "Electronic File" is a project developed jointly by Redabogacía and Panel Sistemas, which began in 2006 and continues today to incorporate new functionalities. The system automatically collects the documents necessary to justify the request for the right to Free Justice, connecting telematically and easily with public institutions such as the Tax Agency, the National Social Security Institute and its General Treasury, the General Directorate of the Cadastre, or the National Employment Institute, among others.

With this service, the Legal Profession further reinforces its role in "Electronic Administration", focusing on its commitment to serving the citizen.


Software development

Technological innovation


J2EE | Bea Weblogic Server | Oracle


OGMA Panel Methodology, ecoLogical software manufacturing


Variable demand

Methodological strategy


Security and transparency in online transactions.

Administrative file errors have been minimized.

The new platform has led to a reduction in the economic cost.

Reduction in processing times by up to 40 days.