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Ávoris: automation pilot with Zahorí

Ávoris is a great and innovative global tour operator, belonging to the Barceló group.

Panel has collaborated with Ávoris since 2016 in the automation of basic B2B business flows for hotel sales.


The need to evaluate in a pilot project the possibilities of automating your SQA processes.


Ávoris Travel (formerly Barceló Viajes) raised the need to evaluate in a pilot project the possibilities of automating its software quality assurance (SQA) processes, on a basic B2B flow of hotel sales, defined by those responsible for QA and continuous integration. The objective was to evaluate on a real case if it is feasible to maintain test automation software in an environment of constant changes.

Subsequently, the need to specialize the test automation tool was raised based on the conclusions obtained in the pilot project and to implement test automation in the software construction process of its applications.


To deploy Zahorí on a technological platform specifically created for the project.


In response, the Panel team developed a functional test automation pilot with which those responsible for QA and continuous integration have been able to directly assess the adaptation capabilities of Zahorí to your SW creation process.

Ávoris has been able to verify the enormous possibilities that Zahorí It offers, both for the management of the automation software itself and for its ease of use in a continuous integration environment.

The same Panel team participated in the specialization of the test automation tool and in automating different business processes in Ávoris applications so that they were exploited by internal teams.

Zahorí It provides test coverage of more than 120 tests, and has allowed Ávoris to adapt quickly to change.


Software Quality Assurance and Testing


Web | Mobile | HOST environments

Functional test automation with Zahorí®


Panel SQA Methodology

Agile methodologies involving the development team


SQA culture and methodology

Demanding TTM (Time to Market)

Frequent changes

Integration with own ecosystem


Define and maintain business flows in an accessible interface for non-technical users, and with a structure adapted to the needs of the Ávoris QA Team.

High integration capabilities in the ÁVORIS continuous integration ecosystem.

The tool has allowed an increase in the coverage of tests and in the quality control of the software that goes into production.

High degree of automation with the definition and maintenance of automated business flows.

Clear and measurable evidence has been obtained on the functional quality of the selected hotel sales flow to facilitate the identification and management of incidents.