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2-day prediction on the evolution of Covid-19 in Spain, and in the world.

by | March 29 2020 | News

Two-day forecast developed by the team from the Data & Analytics of Panel Sistemas

The website we publish is based on official data and shows a Predictive Analysis for the next 2 days from the current date. In addition, it includes graphics for a Historical data analysis already published by the Ministry of Health on the evolution of Covid19 in Spain.

Due to the end of the restrictions by COVID19 this page has been discontinued

The information available includes historical and predictive data on the evolution of the number of infected, recovered and deceased, as well as the case duplication time indicator.

Data can be dynamically analyzed so much globally in Spain and by Autonomous Community thanks to the filtering facilities enabled. The data is updated once a day, according to the frequency with which the Ministry of Health publishes the official data.

Regarding the underlying technical aspects, to predict the results we rely on a SIR epidemiological model (Susceptible, Infected and Recovered population) that is updated daily. In addition, due to the little depth of the data and the variability with which they are published, we have chosen to apply a regression model that we carry out taking into account 2 groups of variables: the data of the last days and the evolution of the duplication rates. We will improve this model as we have more volume of data.

As a platform we have used QAP (Qlik Analytics Platform) because it allows the rapid development of analytical applications for web environments and facilitates their deployment both in intranets and extranets. For data ingestion and processing, a Python application has been developed that also incorporates predictive models.

We especially appreciate the support and facilities that the Qlik company has given us for the use of its QAP platform (Qlik Analytics Platform).

The data sources we are using are:

Ministry of Health

Due to the end of the restrictions by COVID19 this page has been discontinued

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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