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Tests Automation with Zahorí for FEGA.

Panel collaborates with the Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund (FEGA), belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the realization of Automatic Testing (E2E) with our Zahorí solution, for certain business processes.




 Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund (FEGA)


2016 – Present


Software Quality Assurance and Testing


Tests Automation with Zahorí.

Java | Apache Maven | Jenkins | TestLink | Nexus


Panel’s SQA methodology.


Multidisciplinary team of Panel’s SQA & Testing Center in Madrid.


SQA Culture and methodology.

Criticality of business applications.

Reliability of the regressions.

Variable demand.


The client’s objectives in this project, aligned with its strategy of evolving towards a culture of quality, were basically to design and establish processes to improve the quality of its process of  launching new features into production, both of the SGA aid projects and of their own projects.

For this, they required the implementation of automatic mechanisms of Quality Assurance, which increased the reliability of the regressions in critical business processes, with a sustainable investment in effort and costs.


Panel’s value proposal in this project has been the incorporation of our Zahorí® tool in the FEGA Software Quality Assurance process.

Zahorí® is a test automation solution oriented to business flows, and not only to test cases, which allows to ensure the behavior of applications in a more productive and less expensive way. Zahorí® guarantees the automation of any business process regardless of technology, and can be integrated with any tool in the market. It is multi-platform and multi-device, and has no associated license costs.

Zahorí® has allowed FEGA to design and implement a set of Automatic Tests (E2E),  for certain critical business processes previously prioritized by the Client.

Likewise, we are also collaborating in expanding the current FEGA Technology Platform to allow the automatic execution of the designed tests.


The most significant achievements in this project are being:

– Minimize the maintenance of the automatic processes developed in the project.

– Reduce the number of software incidents in the flow into Production process and its associated costs, identifying and cataloging them correctly and on time. This is allowing to lighten the testing and certification needs in later phases of production.

– A work methodology oriented to the service, with an open conception and adapted to the current environment of the project, contributing a natural continuity to the activities that are currently carried out.

– An increase in the current operational capacity of the Managers in charge of Software Quality, allowing them an effective control of the Quality Assurance process, and its alignment with the needs of the Business areas.