Big Data solution for visualization and analysis of digital advertising data

Through our partnership with S2i company, Panel has developed a Big Data solution for visualization and analysis of digital advertising for one of the largest Spanish media groups.

Big Data visualization and analysis data advertising







Big Data: Data visualization and analysis


Qlik Sense | R


Multidisciplinary team of Analysis and infrastructure from S2i, and of Development and Big Data Services from Panel in Madrid.


Data Capture

Data Modeling

Data Visualization

Analysis and recommendations


The final client, one of the major Spanish media groups, is paying for advertising in digital media, but does not know if the cost of publishing the ad in a particular medium is invested in the best possible way.

Their needs therefore consisted of obtaining the best possible performance from its advertising, which implies improving the usual ratios of digital marketing, and ultimately making the most of their investment in advertising.


The client has a wide range of information regarding the advertising that appears in the digital media of his group: Media, Advertising support, Conversions, Advertisers, Impressions, Amounts, Consultation devices, Clicks, etc.

The joint value proposal of S2i and Panel has consisted of a Big Data solution for visualization and analysis of digital advertising, performing the following services:

– Recovery of historical data from different media, corresponding to a varied range of information representing different perspectives of digital advertising. The main source of data is the S2i media CRM, and exploitation has been done with tools such as Excel, SQL and R.

– Modeling of the data to allow its dynamic exploitation.

– Visualization of the information extracted from the models generated by the Qlik Sense information discovery tool.

– Analysis and recommendations on the best decisions to adopt regarding the use of digital advertising.

– Visualization and analysis are done via web. In this way, any authorized person can perform remotely and without technical aids the analysis they need, without waiting times.

– S2i-Panel also has the possibility of realizing new control dashboards according to their customer needs in an autonomous way.


These activities will allow the end customer to improve the performance of their investments in digital advertising, in such a way that the profit exceeds in a few months the investment made.

Indeed, the analysis of the data will allow determining which type of advertising is more profitable in which media, depending on the access device and in general on the available information. The analysis of the evolution of the ads query will allow forecasts and anticipate trends. This will be especially useful for the management of programmatic advertising, which can be oriented to the intended navigation of the users and thus increase the opening, clicking and conversion rates, as well as reducing costs per click.