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Regtel: CGAE electronic file

Regtel Electronic file provides the Bar Associations, Autonomous Councils and the CGAE an electronic registration platform that allows them to comply with the obligations of the Strategic Law Advocacy 2020.




RedAbogacía – Technological Infrastructure of Spanish Lawyers.


01/2018 – 06/2018


Software Development

Software Quality Assurance and Testing


Java6 | Spring | Bootstrap | Jquery | Maven | Quarz | Mybatis | SoapUI


Agile methodology developed based on SCRUM.


Multidisciplinary team from Panel’s Software Development Center and our SQA & Testing Center in Madrid.


SQA Culture and Methodology.

Continuous Integration and Software testing automation with Zahorí®.

Version Control System and repositories of Artifacts.


The need in the Regtel electronic file project is to provide the Bar Associations, the Autonomous Councils and the CGAE an electronic registration platform that allows them to comply with the legal obligations derived from Law 39/2015 and with measure M81-Headquarters and electronic file in Council and Colleges, which is part of the Strategic Law Advocacy 2020.

This new functionality is necessary to be integrated into the Law services intranet, following the SICRES standard and thus ensuring the existence of a single record for each institution and in turn have the ability to process a 50% increase in the documents number that registers the system and 30% in total tool users.

A secondary objective of the project is to achieve that the new Electronic Registry system, e-GestDoc, is as independent as possible from the technological platform that supports it; in particular, to eliminate as much as possible the dependencies with the application server and the database engine used (for the current REGTEL, Oracle / Weblogic platform).


Panel has collaborated with ITCGAE in the design and implementation of the application from its beginnings until today, so it brings a total knowledge of all aspects of the application, architecture, design and functionality.

We also have the Network Advocacy portal and the Regtel application development and integration infrastructure and provide a multidisciplinary team of continuous integration in development and automatic Software testing with Zahorí with a high qualification and adaptability, which allows us to assume and solve the changes involved in applying Agile methodologies.


Modifications have been made in the current application and services have been implemented to be consumed both by the current REGTEL application and by external customers. These services, e-Regtel, include both the functionalities associated with the electronic record itself (entry of documents, output of documents, queries and downloading of documents) and document management.

In relation to document management, Regtel currently works with Docushare, has achieved a generic document management service, e-GestDoc, which has allowed to connect with managers that follow the CMIS standard, maintaining compatibility with the current Docushare manager.

API has been provided that allows invoking the functionalities of electronic registration from external systems, both for the entry and for the output of documents.