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PRIME nodes management and monitoring system for Iberdrola.

Panel has collaborated with Iberdrola, through our client Ericsson, on a project for the development of a management system and monitoring of PRIME nodes (PowerLine Intelligent Metering Evolution) within Iberdrola’s electricity network, using Big Data architecture.








Software Development

Automatic Software Testing.

Big Data solutions.


Java 7 | Javascript for charts | Java RMI | JavaWebStart | Enterprise Architect |Eclipse | Apache Tomcat | Apache Maven | Jenkins | MongoDB

SNMP protocolos for information exchange.

Software Testing automation with Zahorí®.


Scrum and Continuous Integration.


Multidisciplinary team from Panel’s Software Development Center, Big Data services and our SQA & Testing Center in Madrid.


System with high capacity and availability (connection with more than 200,000 nodes, and data processing in less than 1 minute).

Use of non-relational DB (MongoDB).

Software Testing automation with Zahorí®.


Iberdrola, as part of its Smart Grid project, is deploying PRIME subnets (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) in each secondary electrical substation. The PRIME project consists in the development of a new telecommunication infrastructure for the Telemanagement of Energy Meters and Intelligent Network, of a public, open and standard nature, which facilitates a safe and reliable communication of smart meters (around 11 million units) with the control centers.

Currently, this technology is used to retrieve measurement information and, increasingly, to obtain additional control of the low voltage network with related information. In the future it is expected that it will be used for a wide range of Smart Grid applications on the same PRIME sub-networks, which in an aggregated vision form a Telecommunications network itself.

Therefore, Iberdrola needed to be able to manage and monitor the PRIME nodes, communicating and managing Base Nodes, Auxiliary Nodes and hundreds of Services Nodes (the “Nodes”) in order to operate and maintain the PRIME subnets, independently of the application provided by these nodes, and the electronic device in which they are integrated.


The solution provided by Panel in this project has been the development of a complete management and monitoring system for the PRIME nodes of the Iberdrola electricity network.

The system is comparable to the functionalities of any other commercial network management tool, enabling the communication and management of base nodes, auxiliary nodes and service nodes for the operation and maintenance of the PRIME subnetworks.

From the graphical interface, the System collects the information of the topology of the different nodes, via SNMP, and updates the firmware among other functionalities. The information collected is stored in the database and presented to users in different applications, formats, reports, alarms, etc.


The most significant achievements in this project are:

– Benefits obtained from the application of Continuous Integration (CI) in the development cycle: risk reduction by minimizing anomalies in the final product thanks to early feedback, information radiators, errors “in quarantine”, and reduction of the project’s general expenses.

-The realization of Automatic Tests with our solution Zahorí have been an added value to the project, and have been very practical in the scenarios of multiple nodes.

– The Agile methodology of work has allowed that the tests are developed better, and has facilitated the communications between the team and the client, which has been involved in the dailies from the beginning.

– The use of MongoDB as a non-relational database has allowed to reuse infrastructure to the client, easy scalability and higher performance, since this DB is released from the computational load of transactions.

The result has been a stable and robust product, able to attend and process the information of more than 200,000 Prime nodes, in less than 1 minute, and that has satisfied 100% of the client’s expectations.