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Logotipo de Ericsson

Migration of the traditional charging system of the telecommunications operator in Ukraine to the new product Revenue Manager of Ericsson, with Big Data architecture.

Panel collaborates with Ericsson in the development and personalization of the DBSS (Digital BSS) product Revenue Manager in the operator VEON Ukraine.






2017 – present


Big Data Services and Solutions

Software Development – DevOps – Continuous Integration


Cassandra | Java 8 | Ignite | Jetty | Spring | RestFull | SOAP

J2EE | Microservicios | OSGi | Karaf | Camunda BPM

Jenkins | Ansible | POSTMAN | SOAPUI | JMeter


Multidisciplinary team of Development and Big Data Services of Panel in Madrid

Multidisciplinary team from the Software Factory and ecoLogical Panel Manufacturing.


SQA culture and methodology 

DevOps good practices

Demanding TTM (Time to Market)

Frequent changes




We collaborate with Ericsson Spain since 2017 on the particularization and integration of its new Revenue Manager system for complete DBSS solutions implemented on the eTOM and SID standards of the TM FORUM. This type of next-generation solutions are known as DBSS or Digital Business System Support. 

This is Ericsson’s own product, whose core product is being developed / evolving in Sweden, has been implemented for the first time for the telephone operator VEON Ukraine. A complex and wide product  customization has been required to cover the client business cases. For them, integration with other Ericsson products has also been carried out to cover the VEON needs. 

It is an international project, where more than 1,000 people have worked, mainly in 7 countries: Sweden, Ukraine, Canada, Italy, India, Brazil and, of course, in Spain with Panel, as main collaborator.


Panel has been a technological reference, providing revolutionary ideas and carrying them out as:     

  • The global ecosystem for all teams / countries    
  • The tests automation and their integration in Washing Machine    
  • The REST services virtualization    
  • The integration solution with Apache Drill for accessing historical data in Datamart from online. 

-Panel has also made a global control of the configuration management, deployments automation and tests to coordinate / verify the work of the countries different groups on the same code and, in turn, has led the integration of the Core new versions of the product with the particular customization of VEON in which teams from all countries work.

-Panel value proposal also includes a Big Data solution that manages the interception and routing of requests from Legacy rating systems, to a new DBSS system based on the existence of user data contained in Cassandra.


After just over a year, in October 2018, the Revenue Manager has been put into production making its first subscriber registration in the system. Being the first DBSS system implementation worldwide. 

Today we continue working on both the product Core and the VEON Ukraine product customization towards the new functionalities that it requires. 

We are waiting for the next customization of the following operators, working with the ecosystem implementation for VIVO Brazil customization.