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Integral System for Buildings Control and Supervision

It’s a project of great innovative component because it integrates IoT solutions from the leading manufacturer Crestron with control systems of complex infrastructures, Big Data environments and the main communication protocols both in bus and wireless.

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Manager of real estate assets and facility management.




Big Data Services

Inmotics and Domotics Services


Mongo DB | Java8 | Spring | Angular 4 | RestFull | Tomcat | BACNET | KNX | Zwave | Zigbee | LON | MODBUS | KRAMER | DMX | PTZ | PARADOX | Simple Windows | Simple+ | Visual  C++




Multidisciplinary team of Development and Big Data Services of Panel in Madrid


Integration of heterogeneous systems and complex technologies that operate in real time

High process complexity

High availability

Large volume of information


The custumer needs were to implement a solution that domotizes the multitude of defocused infrastructures assets for the integral management of resources. The requirement was to have a unique management system and to eliminate the dependency of the programming provider of the different devices, as well as reducing the high technological debt generated by the diversity of convergent technologies.

On the other hand, there was a need to obtain and store the large volume of unstructured data, and to generate analysis and monitoring reports of the different systems that coexist, obtaining a necessary diagnosis and an agile incidents tracking.


The Panel’s value proposition in this project has been, through a Big Data architecture, to integrate an application for the Supervision of Control Systems in the field of IoT and Inmotics, which is able to collect millions of “beats” in real time of all control systems, being from diverse nature and type. The design of supervision is oriented to be able to diagnose the origin of possible operation errors and the auto recovery after failures.

Lighting, climate, audiovisual and security control solutions have been developed, integrating the programming ecosystem and the most of the portfolio products of the leading manufacturer, Crestron, modeling also a system of user interface automatic scenes.

For this, it has been achieved the integration of the main BUS / Wireless communication protocols, guaranteeing the securization of the entire solution provided.


The most significant achievements in this project are:

– Ability to integrate different heterogeneous systems for coexisting within a centralized user interface.

– Capture of millions of “beats” in real time from all the devices that coexist, and loading all this information through REST services.

– Storage in Mongo DB of all the unstructured information received in JSON with the aim of having a better control over issues from any of the systems or installations that coexist, achieving an analysis of the root cause and an unlimited solution scaling.

– Generate an automatic scene configuration engine based on Robotics technologies (Scratch and Blockly) looking for a simplification in the interaction of the end user with the centralized control interface.

– Implementation in new countries.

Since 2017, Panel has become the main integrator of Crestron’ IoT solutions in complex Big Data technologies environments, and communication and web publishing protocols in multi-device context.