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Gas2Move: Integral platform for its vehicle fleet management.

Technological platform definition and implementation of this new logistics Startup for the integral management of its vehicle fleet.




Gas2Move by Enagas.


May 2018 – Act.


Software development

Big Data Services

DevOps – Continuous Integration


Jenkins | Nexus3 | Maven | NPM | Spring | Spring Security | Spring Boot |

Angular6 | MongoDB | JSON | NodeJS | Docker | LDAP | PWA


Panel OGMA methodology, ecoLogical software manufacturing

Agile methodologies involving the business team


Software Development and Big Data Services multidisciplinary team of Panel in Madrid.


Technological innovation

Eco-sustainable solution

TTM (Time to Market) demanding

Different APIS Integration from suppliers

DevOps good practices 


Gas2Move is a new start-up defined as the paradigm of the last logistics mile, revolutionizing the delivery service within the city. It is the first eco-sustainable logistics operator.

Concerning both the eco-sustainable search and, at the same time, an efficient and competitive environment, Gas2Move has a fresh fleet powered by alternative energies that allow access to all large cities’ urban centres. Thus, it becomes a reference for the last mile distribution: more echo, more human and more modern.

On its release to the market, Gas2Move has counted from its inception with Panel collaboration as a technological partner, to design and implement a technological platform that, based on cloud systems, Big Data and IoT technology, allows an efficient management of fleet and people, It’s main achievement:

A more modern and eco-sustainable fleet: that is, vehicles powered by alternative energies and environment awareness. Vehicles equipped with sensors to allow, thanks to Big Data, exploitation of the data they provide to obtain information in order to improve efficiency by controlling the vehicles state, use and geolocation, and anticipating the breakdowns, which saves time and money.

A committed human team, focusing on a humanized management that puts in value the most important company asset, and with the technological platform support, allows a close worker monitoring based on the treatment of all the data generated around the same, and with gamification algorithms that stimulate their personal development in the company.


For Panel, this collaboration has been an important and exciting challenge from the beginning, Panel formed a multidisciplinary team, perfectly geared and highly trained to meet our client needs with the objective of covering them with a 360º vision.

The technical solution consists on an integral platform development for the management of the fleet, the all lifecycle delivery service, and the service level agreements, defining and modelling the processes involved in the activity. The platform is based on a Big Data architecture and on the exploitation of data generated from the IOT devices included in the vehicles (CAN-BUS, specialized sensors …) This information is exploited from different points of view and is always crossed with the remaining information generated by the system with the objective of having the business monitored.

The integration and the continuous deployment of the platform’s developments has been carried out through Jenkins, Nexus3 and Maven, generating Docker containers that allow to virtualize and scale the environments easily and quickly. Likewise, the integration with the APIs of the different providers has been performed in order to do a transparent shipments management through the Gas2Move fleet, as well as with suppliers from different IOT data sources.

The work dynamics has been based on the Agile methodology. The modelling of all business processes it has been performed with Camunda, and the infrastructure software is based on cloud development.

Finally, the application has been generated in mobility by using PWA technology.


As a summary, with the help of Panel, Gas2Move has achieved:

Make decisions in real time ensuring the committed delivery times. Even being able to reinforce other companies with unplanned demands. 

– Certify the permanent environment respect and have detailed information of consumption, routes, circulation state, climatology and alternatives. 

– Have access, in real time, to the services stated to react to contingencies and automate optimal responses. 

Apply “Mobile First” and ensure that all employees (drivers and managers) provide updated and adequate information. Real-time changes communication in routes and services always in the vehicles.

– Analyze the information that sustains the operation, which also feeds the business intelligence systems for strategic decision making. 

– Ensure compliance and daily reconciliation in global service level agreements. 

– Adapt the technological infrastructure according to the demand

Integrate own systems with third-party systems to ensure efficiency in the treatment, optimization and information dissemination. 

– Implement the platform in new countries.