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Maintenance and improvements of the BMW Continuous Integration platform

Panel has collaborated with Deloitte, through our DevOps expert team, in the evolutive and corrective maintenance of the BMW Digital Services Continuous Integration platform, ConnectedDrive.

BMW Connected Drive - Devops - Integración Continua - Openshift



Deloitte for BMW




DevOps – Continuous Integration – Continuous Deployment


Openshift | Openstack
Jenkins | Atlassian Ecosystem


DevOps Methodology.
Agile methodologies involving development team.


Multidisciplinary team from our Software Factory & ecoLogical Software Manufacturing in Madrid.


DevOps Best practices.

Demanding TTM (Time to Market).

Frequent changes.

Multinational level.


Customer needs consisted of the evolutive and corrective maintenance of Continuous Integration Platform for digital and intelligent services,  BMW ConnectedDrive. This platform is responsible for the automation of tests and deployment of microservices with DevOps methodology and tools. These microservices are deployed globally (Europe, USA, Asia) in containers executed in Openshift, the leading Kubernetes platform.

Openshift is also the adopted platform for CI / CD containers (Continuous Integration / Contnuous Deployment), located in a private cloud in continuous evolution of components towards new generation open solutions. In these cases, the responsibility of the team was the updating and migration of CI / CD containers, as well as the escalation of Openstack and Openshift infrastructure incidents.

The significant size of the multinational client implied a high volume of CI / CD users. A considerable part of the CI / CD automation consisted of a groovy framework developed by the client and maintained by the team, with which to automate the “jenkins pipelines“. The rapid adoption of this new and sophisticated CI / CD platform generated scalability and maintenance problems that had to be solved.


The value proposition of Panel has consisted of the collaboration of our expert team in ecoLogical manufacturing and DevOps in the project, forming part of the CI / CD team of Deloitte for BMW.

In the first place, corrective maintenance activities were carried out to solve the problems of scalability and maintenance of the CI / CD platform. And simultaneously, an improved version of the platform began to be implemented. Each client development group would be responsible for its own CI / CD environment, after applying simple requirements parameters in a web form for its deployment.

Finally, the team was also responsible for the containers with the Atlassian tools used in the CI / CD area: Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira, Crowd.


The most significant achievements in this project have been:

– Development of User Stories to improve the pipelines developed with groovy framework.

– Stabilization of the legacy CI / CD platform with new configurations and automated solutions to recurring technical problems.

– Configuration of Dynatrace APM monitoring tools.

– Knowledge management and significant documentation improvement in Confluence and Bitbucket: Procedures, Operative, Configurations, change control, solution to known errors, etc.

– Migration of the container from Confluence 5 to Confluence 6.