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Panel’s software solution, RIZQalia, is a powerful software tool that helps SGEF to improve and optimise credit risk management by automating the entire process.

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Société Générale Equipment Finance


Development and parameterisation.


Java JEE | XML, Struts, Eclipse | SQL | CVS | JUnit, JMeter.


Proprietary methodology.


TTM (Time to Market) of the regulatory framework.

High availability.


Treatment of critical and sensitive information.


Once of the Client’s main problems involved manual risk measurement procedures, which slowed down the decision-making process for the grant of the company’s renting, leasing and financing operations.

Likewise, SG Equipment Finance had different decision-making workflows, various databases and external sources of consultation of relevant information for the decision-making process, which required the development of different bridges for each type of information.

Lastly, it was important to adapt the risk management systems to the new directives such as Basel II and facilitate audits.


The solution adopted by the Client was to integrate Panel’s software solution, RIZQalia, as an Integrated System for automating the credit risk management processes of the renting, leasing and financing transactions performed by the French banking group in Spain.


Panel’s Value Proposition in this project is based on our proprietary software solution, RIZQalia, resulting from our extensive experience in credit risk management experience.

RIZQalia is an integrated system that makes it possible to automate and homogenise the decision-making process in relation to credit risk, quantifying it in real time according to the company’s predictive model. These solutions are integrated with the company’s own systems and with any external source of information currently available on the market.

The implementation project for SGEF consisted of an Application Server and various stations connected through SFEF’s corporate network. The server mainly manages communications with the Front End, with external information agencies and with the RIZQalia engine, which allows the integration of various SGEF decision-making workflows. The company’s Risk Department can connect via web from the workstations to the RIZQalia’s operating interface, from which all the processes related to its Credit Risk Management activities can be defined and managed.

  • Elimination of the manual decision-making process. The data capture process, performance of scoring and connection to external databases is no longer performed manually, but rather automatically.
  • “Non-invasive” integration with SGEF’s Front End.
  • Scalability of the solution. RIZQalia allows the system to evolve in various respects: simultaneously integrating various workflows, total integration with SGEF’s systems when required, multi-user and processing of thousands of applications per day.
  • Real-time qualification of “new Clients”, calculating when they are or are not acceptable in accordance with the risk policy defined by the company.
  • The solution has three technological characteristics: multi-language, multi-device and multi-system.

In the first months, the RIZQalia platform processed nearly 2,000 Corporate Renting applications, allowing 300 Dealers to market this product through SGEF with a guaranteed reduction in the risk inherent to these transactions.