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Improvements in the process of Installation and continuous deployment of the AltamirA project.

Panel has collaborated with our client Ericsson in the development of an automated software for the installation and continuous deployment process, for version V15c of the AltamirA system.

DevOps continuous deployment continuous integration







DevOps – Continuous Deployment


Jenkins | Ansible
Zahorí, test software automation platform


DevOps Methodology.
Agile methodologies involving development team.


Multidisciplinary team from our Software Factory & ecoLogical Software Manufacturing in Madrid.


DevOps Best practices.

Demanding TTM (Time to Market).

Frequent changes.

Multinational level.


The objective was to improve in the Altamira system, the Ericsson’s Prepaid Service Charging System, the software installation activities, until then based on manual documents (MOPs), simplifying and accelerating the process of continuous deployment of the MOPs, avoiding manual errors in the process and reducing the time and resources assigned to the process of installing the MOP, thanks to DevOps methodology and best practices.


Panel’s value proposal consisted in the definition, by our expert team in ecoLogical manufacturing and DevOps, of an automated software installation process, that allows Ericsson teams to automatically deploy software of the V15c version of the system AltamirA in the different System Testing environments.

To do this, an automation software has been developed, based on our Zahorí framework and the Ansible and Jenkins opensource tools, for the automatic installation of MOP documents (Installation manuals). The parametrization and automated deployment by the Model team has also been carried out, the reusable installation parts have been standardized, defining new roles, and it has been designed based on the principles of idempotency in the facilities.

The MOPs were automated and installed in 6 System Testing environments (5 Functional Tests and 1 Performance Test), while the scope was limited to some nodes of the AltamirA system.


The most significant achievements in this project have been:

– The traditional process of installing MOPs has been greatly simplified.

–  The installation time per execution has been reduced considerably: from 10 days with traditional deployment to 3 days with automatic deployment, even taking into account the initial configuration effort and the learning curve, so in successive deployments, the savings in effort will be even greater.

–  The number of assigned resources has been reduced: from 2 people in traditional deployment to only 1 person with automatic and continuous deployment.

– Human errors during the deployment process have been avoided.

– Knowledge of the deployment is documented, and is executable.

– Thanks to the use of an open source software ecosystem like Zahorí, the license cost is zero.

– It has been proven that the use of this methodology brings the system closer to a homogenization of environments, facilitating the definition of Building Blocks.