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Ávoris: Automation pilot with Zahorí®

Ávoris Travel (former Barceló Viajes) raised to Panel the need to evaluate in a Pilot Project the possibilities of its Processes of Quality Assurance Software (SQA) automation.




Ávoris (former Barceló Viajes)




Software Quality Assurance and Testing


Web | Mobile | HOST environments

Zahorí® tool for Test Automation


Panel SQA Methodology

Agile methodologies involving development team.


Multidisciplinary team from our SQA & Testing Center in Madrid.


SQA Culture and Methodology.

Demanding TTM (Time to Market).

Frequent changes.

Integration with own ecosystem.


Ávoris Viajes (former Barceló Viajes) raised the need to evaluate in a Pilot Project the possibilities of its Software Quality Assurance Processes (SQA) automation, on a basic B2B flow of hotel sales, defined by those responsible for QA and Continuous integration. The objective was to evaluate on a real case if it is feasible to maintain an Automation Test Software in an environment of constant changes.

In response, the Panel team has developed a functional test automation pilot with wich those responsible for QA and Continuous Integration have been able to directly assess the adaptation capabilities of  Zahorí® to its SW creation process.

Taking advantage of the versatility of Zahorí®, the Panel Automation team, in collaboration with the three areas involves( business, continuous integration and testing) has designed a proof of concept on the automation of the chosen flow which will serve to define how to approach tests automation in an Agile environmente and with the need to ensure the Software Quality before fast changes, functionally complex andon different platforms.


The Pilot has been carried out on the Panel test automation solution, Zahorí®, deployed on a technological platform specifically created for the project, accessible to several Ávoris users.

The Zahorí® solution allows you to easily automate any business flow that involves web user interfaces, dekstop, CICS Apps or web services, among others, separating the flow functional definition from the automation technical execution. On the chosen business flows, Ávoris has been able to verify the enormous possibilities that Zahorí® offers, both for the automation software management and for its ease of use in a continuous integration environment.

Also, Ávoris staff has had permanent access to the environment in order to verify the pilot results and establish the integration and escalation capabilities.


It has been proven that it is possible to define and maintain business flows, such as the sale of hotels, in an accessible interface for non-technical users, and with a structure adapted to the needs of the Avoris QA Team.

The utility of the tool for the regression tests execution has been verified, allowing a considerable increase in the tests coverage and the increase in the software quality control that passes to Production. Offers high integration capabilities in the ÁVORIS Continuous Integration Ecosystem, both for the technology it uses and for its design. In this area, it seems compatible with the Development and Systems Teams requirements.

It has been possible to obtain clear, measurable and manageable evidence on the flow functional quality of selected hotels sale, helping to facilitate the identification and management of the incidents detected, and the possible decision-making in its output to Production.

The tool serves not only to detect errors; it also establishes its severity according to the criteria defined by ÁVORIS. This is especially important to support decision-making of detected incidents, in demanding circumstances for the Time to Market.