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AltamirA, Ericsson’s Prepaid Service Charging System

Panel collaborates with Ericsson since 2011 as its main technological ally in the development of the AltamirA software, the real-time Charging Platform of the Telefónica Group’s Prepaid Management System.

Panel is also responsible for the L2 and L3 support service and collaborates in the certification of the products delivered.

Ericsson has recently renewed its trust in Panel for the period 2016-2017.






Software development.

Evolutive and corrective maintenance.

Support and Testing.


Unix Linux, C++, Pro*C | Oracle Database

JAVA, JEE, JTA, JPA, SOA  |  Tuxedo  |  ASN 1, Diameter, SS7.


Streamline development

Sequential engineering


Variable demand: variations of more than 40%/six months

High process complexity.

High availability.

Knowledge Management, dispersed and complex.

Real-time charging.


AltamirA is an OCS (Online Charging System) which, as defined by 3GPP, is a network subsystem capable of giving support to an Operator’s customer needs, metering any type of service used by any customer through any form of access in real time.

In this case, it is product developed from the evolution of different adaptations over more than 15 years, which implied a high technological debt for the client and excessive weight of the Legacy Systems.

The Time To Market (TTM) was insufficient, with little productivity in terms of evolutives and the platform maintenance cost model was not sustainable. Likewise, each country to be deployed has its own differential identity, which implies the need to adapt to a regulatory framework specific to each country and to a very heterogeneous configuration of production environments.


The solution that was jointly adopted consisted basically of progressive re-engineering of the main platform nodes. 

Furthermore, a Transformation Plan was executed, which entailed:

  • A methodological reorientation in software engineering towards aLean concept, integrating the Quality Assurance (SQA) services from the start of the Life Cycle.
  • The orientation of the SW production models towards industrialisation standards, incorporating automation of unit tests, continuous integration techniques and productivity measures.
  • New Operator – Specification Design – Manufacturing relationship designs, which implied the redefinition of KPIs and SLAs, new specification models, new certification and quality processes, and new integrated demand management models.

Panel’s Value Proposition for the AltamirA platform consisted of:

  • The application of the principles of our ecoLOGICAL manufacturing to the required transformation processes.
  • Evolution of the SW of the AltamirA platform from our factories and expert centres.
  • Integration of the platform in Ericsson’s advanced production models.
  • 24×7 coverage of the L2 and L3 support and maintenance of the platform with worldwide scope.
  • Support for the redesign and new roadmap of the platform for adapting to the new eTOM standards.
  • Specialised knowledge in signalling protocolsnetwork activationTelco service charging and real-time development of mass, complex processes.

AltamirA is one of the most important and strategic systems for Ericsson and is implemented in most of the Telefónica Group’s Operators, basically of Latin America and Rest of Europe.

At present, the System manages services for more than 100 million users worldwide and is in 24×7 production in more than 15 countries , with continuous implementations in new countries.

Likewise, annually there is a roadmap of platform version evolutives and there is high functional deployment capacity in parallel.