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Panel adheres as a Partner to the United Nations Global Compact.

15 2022 June

Business sustainability has become a competitive necessity today. The way of doing business has changed in recent times and sustainability is one of the keys to achieving efficiency at the operational level. Organizations that operate sustainably are more profitable and resilient, generate better brand value, have greater access to capital, and are more responsive to employees, customers, suppliers, and society in general.

At Panel we have taken another step in our commitment to the sustainability, and we have joined PARTNER al United Nations Global Compact.

Launched in the year 2000, United Nations Global Compact, in Spanish United Nations Global Compact, is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. There are currently more than 19.000 affiliated entities in more than 160 countries and it has 70 local networks. In Spain, more than 2.100 organizations have joined the initiative, which makes it the Local Network with the largest number of adhered entities and, therefore, the most important in the world. Of these 2.100 Spanish companies, more than 930, including Panel, are members of the initiative, which implies a higher level of commitment in participation and in the enjoyment of its services.

For Panel, being a member of the Global Compact means that we We commit to align our operations with the Ten Universally Accepted Principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption., and to take measures in support of goals of the United Nations, currently embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to Javier Zárate Llanos, CEO of Panel: "Each and every one of the activities that we carry out in our Organization is carried out keeping in mind our sustainable development model, a model that tries to find a balance that maximizes the benefits for all, respecting current legislation, and with the strictest levels. of integrity and transparency. As partners, we continue to strengthen our commitment to the principles of the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, putting all the necessary and possible resources to continue reinforcing and promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility.".

Likewise, Panel will annually validate its commitment to the Global Compact by publishing a Progress Report in which it will report the actions carried out in the implementation of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact to its Stakeholders, and which will be published on our page. Web

More information about the United Nations Global Compact at Global Compact: Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Global Compact

More information about our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: Panel – Corporate Social Responsibility

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Source: United Nations Global Compact
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