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Panel wins the bidding process for the entire Ericsson Altamir A Service.

by | 22 2020 December | News

After a bidding process that began a few months ago, Panel has been the unique winner of the AltamirA Development, Deployment and Support Service (NGAA), from our client ERICSSON.

AltamirA (now called Next Generation AltamirA, NGAA) is Ericsson's Prepaid Services Charging platform, a network subsystem capable of supporting the needs of an Operator's client, assessing in real time any type of service that uses any client through any form of access.

This bidding process arises in a new framework of need for transformation: Ericsson's relationship with its clients requires other management models, and the Altamira platform is now more homogeneous and stable. Therefore, a consolidation project was required, under a single Provider, of all the services that are currently being provided on the Altamira platform by different providers: development, system tests, certification tests, deployment, support, documentation, etc. Thus, maximizing synergies and optimizing the provision and management of the service under a more efficient execution model, without putting at risk its viability.

Panel has worked for the last nine years as Ericsson's reference provider for Development activities on the AltamirA platform. In addition, during the last four years, we have had the responsibility of carrying out System testing work, leading the custody and evolution of the automation framework and collaborating very actively with Ericsson in the new definition of the GSFA product, as well as in achieving one of the great strategic objectives of the program that has been the significant reduction of the effort necessary in the Software Deployments. On the other hand, Panel also collaborates very actively, since 2011, in the Support and Deployment Services due to the agreement reached at that time with the provider that until now led this service.

In summary, during these almost 10 years of Service, the knowledge, experience and good know-how of our entire team at AltamirA have always prevailed, in a project that started from a context in which more than 44 suppliers collaborated in the beginning, to subsequently to 5, and finally to 2 providers in recent years.

Finally, and Thanks to the confidence that Ericsson has placed in our capacity, guarantee and demonstrated efficiency to provide this Service, Panel has become the unique provider of the NGAA platform services.

The activation of the new GSFA service will take place on 1/1/2021, and will be valid until 12/31/2022, extendable to 12/31/2023.

From here we want to congratulate all Panel team that is part of the Altamir A project. Undoubtedly, it has been a job well done, continuously, and over many years, which has moved our Client to think of Panel as the safest bet, the one that best guarantees the evolution of the Service and the Product, minimizing the risks of a transition to a single provider and, in short, the one that will best allow them to meet their objectives.

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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